Well, it is now quite apparent that at least one old adage is incorrect. You can teach an old dog new tricks but it will be a frustrating endeavor for the dog as well as teacher.
The teacher in this instance was Gary of Route 66 Radio. The old dog was me.
Gary and I have talked for quite awhile about the development of a series of ten minute programs (Jim Hinckley’s America, The Route 66 Edition) for Route 66 Radio. As he was in town to provide his two cents worth at an organizational development meeting for the 2014 Route 66 International Festival, we decided to utilize his portable recording equipment, a quite room at the El Trovatore Motel, and create a program or two for a marketing test. 
Gary is a consummate and professional teacher. However, it was quite obvious this student was providing a great deal of frustration. 
For reasons unknown I was having extreme difficulty in developing a steady flow. After about four hours and the creation of thirty or forty minutes (maybe) of usable material it was time to move on to other business. 
For quite some time map and post card collector extraordinaire Mike Ward, and his charming wife Sharon, and I have talked about a little Route 66 exploration in the Kingman area. As he was also in town for the meeting it seemed an appropriate opportunity for our planned adventure. 
So, after picking up my dearest friend, and topping off the tank, we set out on a double date. Here to there was a bit of frustration in that I was having trouble concentrating (another warning sign that the schedule is reaching a saturation point) but in spite of that it was a rather refreshing outing. 
We cruised west on the pre 1952 alignment of Route 66 making several stops along the way – the site of Fig Springs station, the old homestead that is now on the verge of collapse, and along early alignments at McConnico, to name a few. Then I provided the fifty cent tour of Kingman that included the site of Fort Beale and the old wagon road, as well as sites we plan to utilize during the festival next year. 
We rounded out the day with an excellent dinner at Redneck’s on Beale Street, and a very vibrant edition of Chillin’ on Beale. For the most part it was a pretty good day.


Still, I could not help but think of where my dearest friend and I were last Saturday, and how nice it would have been to stay there for a week, or two. Thoughts of Carlsbad, California lead to thoughts of why were there, how fortunate I am, and the very busy schedule that has the October and November calendar filled to maximum capacity with only time for a bit of sleep not allocated to a meeting a deadline, travel, or the keeping of appointments.
Still, I have no complaints. After all, the crazy schedule is of my choosing and it is mostly filled with things I enjoy doing such as sharing the wonders of Route 66 with others.
With that said it is time to finish breakfast, see if I can find the top of the desk, and get to work on the Route 66 atlas.   
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