First, a couple of rants about the latest outrage from those elected to represent the American people. In typical government fashion these fine folks have shut down the peoples parks, a source of revenue, but will fund items such as their salary. 
I know it is quite popular to loath corporate CEO’s because of their salaries and pension packages, many of which border on obscene and immoral. Yet many of the folks that are out with pitchforks and torches every time that a news story breaks about an executives pension package find justification in supporting a politician simply because they belong to corporate party “D” or corporate party “R.” Can someone explain this?
The fine folks in Congress, folks whose salaries we pay, have pension and perks packages that far exceed most of those offered by major corporations. Even worse, they have a part time job and spend a large portion of that time looking for another job on our dime. 
Tourism was one of the few bright pictures in this era that history will most likely label as the Great Depression Part II. With the closure of the national parks, and resultant turning away of visitors that have traveled from the four corners of the earth, I am quite positive we can expect to see that segment of the economy follow manufacturing into a crater. 
I hope each and everyone one of you will remember this when it comes time for the next election. I also hope that you will have the fortitude to send everyone of these people packing.
Okay, a deep breath and then on to the lighter side of life. Next week about this time there is a very real possibility I will be singing the praises of coffee.
I leave for Chicago in the morning (4:00) with a two hour layover in Denver. The plans call for being in Joliet on Saturday evening for the first leg of a whirlwind six-day Route 66 reconnaissance tour.
Needless to say, visiting with friends of the double six along the way will most likely be limited to a passing wave and for that I apologize. The flip side is that I am quite confident that after next week, I will have quite a story to share.
Until next week, take care, keep smiling, and count the days until the next election.