Okay folks, this going to go quick, sort of like the current Route 66 adventure. We (Roger Allison and I) started the day at two in the morning yesterday.
After driving to Las Vegas, running the gauntlet of security, we flew to Denver and then into Midway at Chicago. Surprisingly everything went ratehr smooth.
We picked up the sight unseen vehicle purchased by the tour company, (a VW Tourag) at the airport and Wes Davis of New Zealand today. Then we took to the road.
The goal behind this six day whirlwind adventure is to introduce Wes to the road and to provide him with perspective for developing two tours next year. We ended the day in Joliet and the destination for today is St. Louis. The next day we are shooting for Tulsa.
This isn’t really conducive to seeing anyone or much of anything. The actual tour will cover more realistic mileage.
So, if I miss you this morning, I apologize. Here we go! 

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