It is not easy living life in the fast lane on a two lane highway. Still, it must be something I enjoy as it is where most of my time seems to be spent.
This fast paced life is not to be confused with that of the corporate world where the daily rush of the day ends in frustration, a sense of futility, and exhaustion. For a better understanding of the hectic world I am referring to take a gander at this blog post from Laurel Kane of Afton Station.
In my world the hectic pace looks something like this. On Thursday evening I returned home after starting the day in Gallup, New Mexico and a drive through a snow storm in Flagstaff with Roger Allison at the wheel. This was the culmination of a whirlwind five day adventure to Chicago and a cruise along Route 66. 
As with any Route 66 odyssey there were numerous opportunities for new discoveries even though the schedule was rather rigid. On this adventure I was awarded another opportunity to examine the sculpture at Cyrus Avery Plaza on the Arkansas River in Tulsa. The detail in this sculpture is truly amazing. As an example, consider this photo of the Model T radiator.
Since my return I have been working at a frantic pace to ensure the Route 66 historic atlas is complete by the December 1 deadline. 
On Thursday we will drive to Flagstaff to speak to the Westerners International meeting about the colorful history of Kingman. Saturday afternoon is an interview followed by an address about Route 66 for the Smithsonian Journeys exhibition.
As I derive tremendous satisfaction from sharing the wonders of the double six with folks, all of these things are most rewarding. They are also just a bit exhausting.
At this juncture a hearty thank you to those at the office who make this crazy schedule possible is in order. So, to my employer, Mr. Bill, and the young lady that holds down the fort with absolute professionalism in my absence that I shall not name in order to prevent her embarrassment, thank you.
Todays list of projects, before returning to the daily grind, includes signing books for Dale Butel’s fall tour group from Australia, winterizing the swap cooler, recovering my extension ladder from the sons house, work on the encyclopedia, writing two speeches, and starting a file of possible images for use as illustrations in the atlas. That should keep me busy.
If, however, I sense boredom lurking in the shadows there is always the need to work on the Route 66 International Festival. That takes me to the next item of importance, an opportunity for the entire Route 66 community to participate in the festival, and to have their business or museum represented while supporting the event.
Here is what the organizers are offering. 
1) In exchange for $50 and a coupon from your business offering a free night, a t-shirt, hat, meal, etc. (to be redeemed in person), the business or museum will be listed on the festival website and official event program with your contact information and website link. 
2) The coupons will be given away during a series of free raffles during the festival weekend, which will provide additional promotional opportunity.
The final date for submission is May 1, 2014. Checks are to be made out to Kingman Now, LLC and mailed to 2510 N Stockton Hill Road, Suite B, Kingman, Arizona 86401.
Now, its time for breakfast and a very, very busy day.        
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