There is an old adage that confessions are good for the soul. Well, I have a confession to make.
I lean toward the redneck sort of life. Cool mountain mornings with a hint of wood smoke and coffee in the air, and a colorful sunrise over distant peaks quicken the spirit far more than the glitter and crowds of Fremont Street in Las Vegas.
Sharing this with my dearest friend or friends makes such an adventure more memorable than the most exciting day imaginable in the cacophony of the city.
The latest fashion trends leave me cold. I lean toward sturdy and durable for my attire, the vehicles I drive, and even the home furnishings. 
Still, on occasion I will move from the comfort zone if the cause is worthy. This Saturday is one of those occasions, the grand opening for the Kingman event center in the former J.C. Penny building in the historic district. This building will serve as the venue for the artist, author, and collector exhibition during the 2014 Route 66 International Festival. 
I was quite honored to receive an invitation. Still, the notation of “business formal attire” gave me a reason to pause. 
In my world the closest folks like me get to a tie is if someone braids it from rope and there are tall trees in the neighborhood. As upsetting folks to that degree is something from my misspent youth, a tie is almost beyond my imagination. 
Still, I have been known to walk on the odd side. Besides, I have a dear friend for encouragement.
Looming on the horizon, invitations for foreign book signing and speaking engagements. I wonder if these can be attended in my native dress?  
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