Jury duty, that blessing/curse of life in America has reared its head again (for the third time in less than two years). Notification was received that I am on call for the entire month of November.
This presents a multitude of problems and frustrations. In the list of frustrations is the fact that this is for federal jury duty which means that if called, I would be spending at least a week in Prescott. There is also the matter of calling every Friday evening to see if I am exempt for the following week.
As I have the looming deadline for a book, have a scheduled speaking engagement, and am scheduled to be in Anaheim, California for the World Monument Fund Route 66 symposium, this really puts a kink in things and cranks the stress level up several notches. For the third time in two years, five weeks of life hangs in limbo.
Meanwhile, life goes on. Scheduled for this evening is the gala grand opening of the event center on Beale Street, the location for the artists, authors, and collectors exhibition during the Route 66 International Festival next August.
So, on this afternoons schedule is a refresher course in how tying a tie. This may come as a surprise but a tie and I have not crossed paths in at least thirty years. 
Still, it is a worthy sacrifice. For years I have lamented the waste of a perfectly good historic district in Kingman and this could very well be a turning point.
As always, the weekend schedule ensures boredom will be held at bay. This weekend the Route 66 Atlas project will center on documenting the mayhem, landmarks, historic sites, and military locations in Kansas. If you ideas for inclusion, or information, please drop me a note.
Also on the list is preparation of the first draft for a speech. On November 7, I am scheduled to make a presentation, with slide show, about the evolution of Route 66 to the Westerners International in Prescott.
As I am waiting to hear from the editor about a possible change in format for the atlas that would translate into a massive cut and past operation for creation of an entirely new manuscript, there is a need to finish the photo file for the Arizona segment. The publisher wants to create a sample mock up in November and needs a large sampling of images.
While I am on the subject of books, I would be remiss if notification wasn’t given that Route 66 Treasures is now available (be sure to look for a surprise inside the back cover). I should also note that Travel Route 66 scheduled for release next March is available for preorder.
Details will be forthcoming soon about exciting developments on Route 66. Suffice to say at this time, the kiwi’s are about to make Route 66 history as well as add some flavor to the Route 66 experience.        
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