Perhaps the most important item of the day is a bit of news from Holland. Dries Bessels is in the hospital after suffering a mild heart attack.
Please keep Dries and Marion in your thoughts and prayers today, and lets hope for a speedy recovery. 
On the home front it was a most challenging weekend. I forced myself to ignore the fact that it seems as though the house is falling down around my ears and focused on the Route 66 historic atlas.
As the deadline is fast approaching this needs to be the first priority. Then I can turn my attentions toward the homestead and lend assistance to my dearest friend who has been keeping home fires burning as well as ensuring that most things around the house remain operational.
Folks, in each book published, there is a dedication to my dear friend. It is not an idle gesture nor is it fluff.
I get wrapped up in the work and forget to eat. So it should come as no surprise to learn that when I am in that zone, little attention is paid to the fact that the toilet isn’t functioning, that the house needs paint, or that the backyard has been transformed into a jungle.
It is my dearest friend that ensures bills are paid on time, that the encroaching jungle is kept at bay, that the toilet functions (she is quite the handyman), and that computer programs function. In short, she is my right hand and leg.
So, I closed out the week with a marathon of writing, a few short walks with my dearest friend, a little time in the sun on the back porch enjoying the warm fall weather and noticing how much work the house needs, a couple of bottles of hard apple cider and a movie (The Big Sleep). I also found time to prepare for the Thursday evening presentation at the Prescott chapter of Westerners International.
As the topic is the evolution of Route 66, I prepared a slide show of the road from end to end. I also prepared a selection of promotional rack cards from all along the road (Wigwam Motel, Blue Swallow Motel, Wagon Wheel Motel, etc.).
That takes us to the week ahead that includes the office and the previously mentioned trip to Prescott. In addition, I will be developing a photo file for illustrations to accompany the text for the atlas (thank you Joe Sonderman, Mike Ward, and Steve Rider), preparing for two forthcoming interviews, evaluating the feasibility of our hosting a couple of Route 66 tours, and assistance in regard to the development of the Route 66 International Festival.
Once again, it looks as though I will be able to successfully keep boredom at bay.   

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