First, a bit of excellent news from the other side of the very big pond. Yesterday, I received word from Amsterdam that our friend, and a true friend of the Route 66 community, Mr. Dries Bessels is out of the hospital and is home recuperating.
Part two,as per the headline, is an updated schedule and a few notes about 2014. I am closing out 2013 with a speaking engagement at Prescott tomorrow evening, an interview on the 16th, and then attendance of the World Monument Fund Route 66 economic conference in Anaheim.  
Somehow “speaker” has been added to the resume even though five years ago I was the fellow at the back of the room trying to blend in with the wall paper. What an amazing turn of events, people pay me to beat my gums AND invite me back for a repeat performance. 
Well, that aspect of the odd and twisted journey toward the child hood goal of becoming a writer when I grow up seems to morphing into another grand adventure. Details will be posted as soon as dates are confirmed, but it looks as though I will be speaking at an event near you next year.
With that said, if you could use my services to spice up your event or convention next year, please let me know. I don’t juggle or tap dance but do have material for excellent slideshows, and can tailor my presentation to your specific needs provided the subject is automotive history, Route 66, or the history of the American southwest.
Now, an explanation for the third part of today’s headline. In looking down the road into 2014, and early 2015, there are adventures at every turn.
Even though there are a multitude of exciting things scheduled to take place on and off Route 66 before next August, first and foremost on the list of things to look forward to is the annual Route 66 Alliance sanctioned 2014 Route 66 International Festival.The organizers and developers behind this major event are working feverishly to ensure that everyone who attends will discover that Kingman truly is a destination. 
I have been besieged with inquiries about the event, about being a vendor, about the car show, about various activities being promoted under the festival umbrella, and a multitude of other aspects. As I am merely the messenger it seemed a good idea to provide the website link (see above) for the festival and contact information (and website link) for Kingman Now, LLC at 2510 N. Stockton Hill Road, Suite B, in Kingman, the organizational entity behind this event that promises to write a new chapter in Route 66 history.
With that said, may I ask who is planning to attend the festival? How about Cuba Fest next October? The Route 66 Fun Run? 
If so, perhaps our paths will cross. Or, perhaps, we will see you on the road in between.     
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