As noted in a previous post, I have been rather busy as of late. Still, the arrival of Christmas cards should have provided ample evidence that Christmas was fast approaching. 
This morning as I savored a bit of breakfast while answering correspondence, a startling revelation sparked by the merrily decorated Christmas tree in the corner came upon me – Christmas is now a mere two weeks away. So, with that thought in mind it seemed a good idea to provide a little assistance to the Santa Claus in your family, and to suggest ways of ensuring it is a very merry new year. 
This is a bit of shameless self promotion but at the top of the blog post is a carousel advertisement from that showcases the books written. If you have a Route 66 enthusiast in your family, or know someone who needs a bit of road trip inspiration, these books might be just the ticket. 
As an added bonus, my signature may not be worth much on checks but it would be my pleasure to provide an autograph. Of course that may require the recipient to take a bit of a road trip. 
My schedule of appearances for 2014 can be found by clicking the “Jim Hinckley Will Be At” tab at the top of the page. Plan “B” is to drop me a note as we are often are on the road and could, perhaps, coordinate a visit some place where the coffee is thick and black, and the pie fresh, some place like Joe & Aggie’s, or the Wild Hare Cafe, or the Ariston Cafe, or …
If your on a tight budget, or just want a little something special for the Route 66 enthusiast, upon request I will provide a list of our favorite places and special stops (and menu recommendations) between Chicago and Santa Monica, no purchase necessary.  
Of course, if you are buying a gift for the novice Route 66 explorer it is hard to go wrong with the gift of an EZ 66 Guide by Jerry McClanahan or the Route 66 Dining & Lodging Guide, both published by the National Historic Route 66 Federation. We never undertake a Route 66 adventure without our copies. Besides, the proceeds of the sale go toward the support of very worthy organization.
If your looking for something really unique and special, may I suggest Connie’s Shoppe at the wagon Wheel Motel? Of course, if at all possible, it is best to shop in person and, perhaps, treat yourself to an overnight stay at one of the most delightful stops on Route 66. 
I would be remiss if it were not noted that Connie was the first business on Route 66 to promote her shop and motel at the 2014 Route 66 International Festival. The organizers for the festival cooked up a little plan to ensure that the entire Route 66 community was represented at the event, and that those who attend get a bit of incentive for a Route 66 adventure. 
Before closing I will provide more details about the adventure raffle (Miss Connie, once the website repairs are completed, the Wagon Wheel Motel will be listed as a participant). Meanwhile, here are a few more gift ideas. 
Of course, regardless of season proper attire for a road trip is an absolute necessity. With that said, may I suggest you peruse the offerings at the Blue Swallow Motel gift shop?
And as with Connie’s, I would also suggest that if possible you shop in person, and treat yourself to a special evening with an overnight stay (say hello to Kevin and Nancy for me). Don’t be discouraged if there is no room at the inn. At the Motel Safari across the road, the boast about the comfortable beds isn’t just advertising hype.
If your doing your shopping in southern California, you might check out the gift shop at the Wigwam Motel in Rialto that is currently masquerading as a delightful Christmas village. Of course if your Christmas shopping includes a chilly walk on the beach, my suggestion would be to say hello to Dan or Ian and check out 66-To-Cali on Santa Monica Pier (they also sell sweat shirts).
Another great place to spend those holiday dollars and get a unique gift is Henry’s Rabbit Ranch. Here too, your money does double duty as it supports a very worthy cause.
Okay, lets wrap this up. First, a suggestion on how to ensure 2014 is an amazing and unforgettable year.
Plan a road trip, or better yet, plan a Route 66 road trip that includes a festival or event like Chillin’ on Beale in Kingman (the third Saturday night of every month April through October). A great source of information about festivals and events on Route 66 is found on the Route 66 News site.
Now, if your a business owner on Route 66, an excellent way to ensure 2014 is one for the record books is to be linked to the event of the year – the 2014 Route 66 International Festival
Here’s how – 
Kingman, AZ,  Aug. 14-17, 2014
The Route 66 Adventure RAFFLE
To be promoted at All Scheduled Festival Events
Here’s how YOU can participate in this Free Drawing for Guests of the Festival!
At each of our scheduled events, we will promote the daily free ROUTE 66 ADVENTURE RAFFLE (no purchase necessary).  The goal is to communicate on the entire Route 66 experience and make Guests to the Festival aware of YOUR business!
The more Route 66 businesses and museums that participate, the better! Collectively, we’re creating the Ultimate Route 66 Adventure package… and all you need to do to participate is to provide us with a fee of $50, PLUS a coupon good for one item of value from your business (one night’s lodging, food, T-shirt, etc).  Your business will be promoted on our Official Festival website and in the Official Festival Program with your name, website link and contact information.
Business Participation Fee             +  COUPON                                             = Free Raffle
            $50.00                             for some item of value from your business
          Payable to Kingman Now, LLC                      One night’s lodging, free food, T-shirt or other item
Please put in the Subject line: Route 66 Adventure. The final date for submission is May 1, 2014.  Please make checks payable to KINGMAN NOW, LLC. 2510 N. Stockton Hill Rd, Suite B, Kingman, AZ 86401