I find the old adage that begins with the line listed in the title for this post to be rather adequate this morning. My impression that Kingman is that horse is alive and well today.
Time and again the city is presented with an opportunity that has tremendous potential for its transformation, redevelopment, and revitalization. Still, if we judge by letters to the editor in the Kingman Daily Miner it would be quite easy to develop the opinion that the citizenry would prefer business as usual over business with an eye on the future.
As a case in point consider this recent article. Now read the response from 2 Thoughts.
Okay, I have issues with the article, one being the projected number of visitors. This always bothers me as it is a recipe for disaster at both ends. 
If the organizers claim 5,000 will attend, and only 4,800 come to town for the festivities, naysayers can point and say, “See, it didn’t meet expectations.” On the other hand if a restaurant buys 10,000 hot dogs but only 2,500 people come to the party I am confident there will be problems. 
There are a multitude of issues to discuss and resolve in regard to the festival and using it as a catalyst for development. The weather isn’t one of these nor is it something that is in our control. 
Okay, now that I have vented, lets get down to the important business at hand. First, a couple of 2014 Route 66 International Festival updates. 
In conversation with a tour company owner in New Zealand, I learned that his summer Route 66 tour is going to include the festival. He is also planning to include the Route 66 Fun Run in the 2015 spring tour.
Even though organizers plan on showcasing the multi faceted attributes of the Kingman area by including activities at Hualapai Mountain Park and Resort, Grand Canyon West, and Stetson Winery, the key aspects of the festival will center in the historic district. Anchoring the west end is the Powerhouse Visitor Center and Route 66 Museum, activities in Metcalf and Locomotive Park, and the Mohave Museum of History and Arts.
On Friday, I met with Bob “Boze” Bell to discuss his latest project. I am quite pleased to announce that he and a display of his artistry will ensure the museum is not overlooked during the festival.
Indications are that after the Christmas holiday, I should be able to provide full details for authors, artists, and collectors who plan to attend, as well as updates about activities being planned to coincide with the festival along the Route 66 corridor between Needles and Seligman.
Oh, before I forget, there will be an adventure raffle during the festival with prizes provided by business on Route 66 from Chicago to Santa Monica. Connie Echols of the Wagon Wheel Motel in Cuba is one of the contributors.
Apparently the organizers are currently hashing out website adjustments and updates with the webmaster. One of these updates is the inclusion of a page that will list the contributors to the raffle.
Now, if you would like to contribute to, and promote your business through the adventure raffle, please let me know and I will provide information about participating. In addition, please let me know if you are planning on participating in the festival as an author, artist, or collector.
There is also a need for people to make presentations on topics as diverse as the development of infrastructure for electric vehicles and living the RV life on Route 66. If you have ideas, or can contribute, please let me know.
In the mean time, how about sending a few positive letters to editor at the Kingman Daily Miner?