This morning my dearest friend and I were discussing a bit of personal Route 66 history, and reflecting on the role that old road has played in our lives, as well as the role it continues to play. She grew up with a front row seat to the ebb and flow of history on that old road as her family owned a small market and auto court in Kingman. Beginning in 1959, I traveled it time and time again, learned to ride a bicycle on it, learned to drive on it, and courted my dear friend on it.
Then as now, it was the people that gave the road a vibrancy, a sense of excitement and eager anticipation that was never easy to describe. With the exception of the fact that you are just as likely to meet someone speaking Dutch, or German, or French as you are to meet someone with a Texas drawl in Shamrock, nothing has changed.
The old double six is still about the people and the friendships that develop from a shared experience of adventure, of exploration, and laughter. That simple element transcends barriers of languages and culture, and as a result, the renaissance of the highway and its international appeal has made this the most exciting period in its almost one hundred year history.
For my dearest friend and I, this translates into a wealth that we could never have imagined a decade or so ago – friends and acquaintances in dozens of states and just about as many countries. 
Now, with that said, rather than name names, I wish to say thank you and merry Christmas to each and every one of our friends. It is with eager anticipation that we look toward 2014,and your next visit.