In recent years an international cast has assembled to sing the praises of legendary Route 66. The written word has been linked with the modern digital age of video and photographs to craft a veritable symphony to accompany that chorus.
Without a doubt one of the leading maestros in this incredible concert is KC Keefer of Denver, a very talented photographer who has turned his talents toward the production of video interviews that capture the essence of Route 66 as well as preserve its history. Accompanied and assisted by his charming wife, Nancy Barlow, the resultant and still developing Genuine Route 66 Life series is as poignant, inspirational, and exciting as the road itself.
As a fan of their work, I eagerly responded to a dinner invitation from KC and Nancy as they ventured west toward California on a Route 66 odyssey. As a bonus, it was Nancy’s birthday.
Tragically, my dearest friend and I had overloaded on sweets on Christmas and as a result, Nancy was forced to endure eating the complimentary birthday desert with just a bit of help from KC.
As most always happens during such encounters, several hours vanished in what seemed like the blink of an eye. All to soon it came time to say goodnight. 
It is encounters such as these that make a Route 66 adventure, and life on Route 66, so magical. These are the moments that ensure the double six remains a haven from the harried, sterile world of the 21st century. 
In somewhat unrelated news,  I am writing the captions for the Route 66 Historic Atlas this weekend. With each project it seems the publisher devises new ways to test my skills. 
This time they are asking for succinct, almost sterile captions. Imagine this, the parameters are to write these captions in twelve words or less!
There are a few other projects on my end of the year list. At the top is to contact the folks at Kingman Now for an update on the development of the 2014 Route 66 International Festival
I know that with the holidays there will be a void in the receipt of regular updates but material provided for the website has yet to be published. Once I have more information, updates will be posted. 
Also on the list, our annual New Years Day adventure. This always sets the stage for a new year filled with road trips.
A couple of years ago we climbed Amboy Crater. This year, dependent on weather, our goal is the historic steel dam near Ash Fork.
Needless to say, we will have a plan “B”. I am not quite sure what this is yet but …
Meanwhile, its time for breakfast and work.
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