A few days ago I posted some basic information about the current status of the 2014 Route 66 International Festival. At that time I promised updates and clarification of issues brought to my attention through your notes and phone calls.
Before I get down to brass tacks there are two important points of interest to clarify and discuss. 
Kingman Now LLC is the organizing entity behind this festival. I am not affiliated with this organization but have been asked to serve as a consultant whose primary task is to assist in the development of promotion, and to help orchestrate involvement from the Route 66 community as well as from groups, clubs, and organizations who may be interested in participating.
I am more than happy to field questions, and even feel obligated to make sure those questions are answered. So, with that said, keep the calls and notes coming.
First, the website since that subject seems to dominate requests received for information, especially from those interested in participating in the Route 66 Adventure Raffle. I do not have an estimated time for when updates or additions will be made for the website. The organizers did tell me that work is underway.
Next, a few updates about Chillin’ on Beale, cruise nights, and related activities. I spoke with Ralph Bowman (an organizer and spokesman for Chillin’ on Beale)this morning and can now provide some solid information.
Rather than create a static car show the plan is to stick with the no fees Chillin’ on Beale tradition which centers on cruising. The primary change is that there will be activities on Friday and Saturday evening.
On Friday evening Martin Swanty Chrysler Dodge-Jeep-Kia on Andy Devine Avenue (Route 66) will anchor the east end. Chillin’ on Beale and the shops on Beale Street will anchor the west end. 
I would be quite remiss if it were not noted that summer evenings are almost perfect in Kingman with temperatures in the low to mid eighties, with low humidity and slight breeze. The exception would be in the case of an afternoon monsoon shower.
There will be a static car show promoted as a bug fest during the day on Saturday. This will take place on Andy Devine Avenue at TNT Engineering, site of a Bob Waldmire mural and a special exhibit of that iconic artists work courtesy of Buzz Waldmire.   
The contact information for TNT Engineering is (928)753-1477. For information about the Chillin’ on Beale activities contact Ralph at (928)681-2361. 
Yesterday I had a most interesting conversation with Roderick Wilde of the Historic Electric Vehicle Foundation. In addition to preserving the tangible links from electric cars ancestry, this group is also about the future as made manifest in the building of lightening fast electric drag racers and long distance setting commuters. 
Mr. Wilde seemed quite excited about the event and its theme, and the inclusion of a 1902 Studebaker electric in the festival. As Mr. Heward of Holbrook is also promoting the event to the Route 66 Electric Car Club, the festival is rapidly taking on a new dynamic.
The next question that should be addressed is in regard to the annual Route 66 Fun Run. Concerns have been expressed that the festival could hinder the success of that event. 
Personally, I don’t think so and I hope not. I am also hoping that it will not hinder Chillin’ on Beale activities (third Saturday night, April through October).
My thought is that if you can’ make it to the festival, perhaps you can take in one of the other events. Even better, maybe you can enjoy more than one regardless of what you drive or how old it is be it a Model T, a hot rod, a golf cart, rental car, or Mack (did I mention that a collector is bringing a 1927 Autocar to the festival?). After all, these events are about Route 66, cruising, and the American love affair with the open road.  
In either case, how bad can it be to have two large events on Route 66 next year, especially if these involve other communities on that storied highway?
That takes me to Needles. Linda Fitzpatrick in that community is working on a co-joined event at the golf course on the river. Details and updates will be provided as soon as possible. 
Hualapai Tourism, the title sponsor, is cooking up some activities for Peach Springs as well as the Grand Canyon West Resort. The annual arts and crafts fair at Haulapai Mountain Lodge is scheduled for the same weekend. 
Then there is the traditional authors, artists, and collectors exhibition that will also include representatives from various Route 66 organizations, and special exhibits including Bob “Boze” Bell and his artistry, as well as a new book, at the Mohave Museum of History and Arts.
A bowling tournament, film festival, events at the Stetson Winery, the distillery, and golf tournament are also on the list. Did I mention that, as per request, I will be hosting an historic district walking tour on Thursday and Sunday morning? Did I mention that there is a plan afoot to host a weekend of motor sports at the fairgrounds, or a grass roots endeavor to fund participation by Joe Loesch and the Road Crew?
So, does anyone have any questions?    
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