A primary foundational component in my travel related writing and photography is a litany of folks that told me that I seemed to have a gift for telling folks where to go. Today I would like to tell each and every one of you where to go, provided you have interest in Route 66 and the people that make it special.
My suggestion is to start with the Genuine Route 66 Life videos. The videos by KC Keefer and Nancy Barlow brilliantly capture the essence of the Route 66 magic which is the people whose lives are intertwined with this storied old highway.
Next, stop by Route 66 News. A daily visit will ensure you are aware of new developments on Route 66, and that you get a taste of interesting history as evidence by the reopening of a very cold case that involves dozens of murders including the proprietor of the Toonerville Trading Post.
I would also suggest looking over the website for the National Historic Route 66 Federation. Specifically, take a gander at the store as they have everything needed for planning a successful Route 66 adventure.
Another website I highly recommend is The Mother Road: Historic Route 66. Don’t let the dated look of the site fool you, there is a treasure trove of information awaiting discovery here.
The Route 66 Atlas is what the title implies in more. Here you can decipher the tangled history of various alignments as well as the that of the highways predecessor the National Old Trails Highway.
If your trying to understand what makes this road special, these sites will help. They will also inspire adventure that may just include a lifestyle change of epic proportions in a Kevin and Nancy Mueller sort of way.