Last week was warm and sunny with cool mornings, ideal weather for introducing friends from the other side of the pond to the wonders of Kingman. The weekend turned winter like which provided the ideal excuse for what I really wanted, and needed to do – relax, read, and even get in a nap on Sunday afternoon.
The nap is an interesting concept that seemed rather enjoyable. I can see this becoming a habit if a person isn’t careful or if they have an addictive personality.
As to reading, I finished a dark, prophetic and insightful historic tome by Albert Speer, Inside The Third Reich. This first person look at the inner workings of this warped empire, and a fascinating intimate portrait of Adolf Hitler ensure this is a memorable read.
The remainder of the weekend was spent in a diverse array of pursuits ranging from tax preparation to evaluating a new book contract, an always delightful conversation with the world famous Melba of Galena, Kansas, and preparation for a wide array of meetings in the coming weeks.
There was also a bit of correspondence with Jane Reed in Cuba, Missouri. The topic of conversation was Cuba Fest and the proposed kick off for a new book at that event.  
Yesterday started on an enjoyable note in the form of a conversation with Buz Waldmire. Buz will be presenting a display of Bob Waldmire’s work at TNT Engineering during the Route 66 International Festival.
TNT Engineering is housed in the former McCarthy Ford dealership on Andy Devine Avenue (Route 66). As this companies specialty is VW repair it was a regular stop for Bob on his travels and he painted a huge mural on the machine shop wall.
So, this is a perfect setting for displaying his work. As a bonus this company will be hosting a “bugfest” on Saturday during the festival.
Front and center in regard to pressing projects is consultation work for the chamber of commerce. In a bit of an organizational shake up to streamline and coordinate development of the festival, the chamber is assuming the primary leadership position.
I am increasingly confident that in regard to Route 66, this will be an historic event. I am also confident it will be a memorable and fun weekend for all who attend. 
From its inception plans included ways to ensure Route 66 remains relevant for a new generation. So, aficionados of the electric vehicle were invited. 
That aspect is rapidly morphing into an all out extravaganza. In addition to an unprecedented display of historic electric vehicles (and we still have months to go!) there will be examples of a new generation of hot rods, glimpses into the future, and ample glimpses of the wonders of modern technology.
The week ahead will be consumed with meetings. At least one of them will provide an excuse for a road trip, this time to Wickenburg.
By mid next week, I should have a wide array of exciting developments to share. Stay tuned for details.