All work and no play…(see The Shining for clarification of the veiled meaning). Saturday I set out to rectify the issue with the Route 66 Historic Atlas and to even use this as an opportunity to present an improved product. 
With the exception of a few errands in the morning, I closed the shutters to avoid being tempted by the spring like day, and glued my back side to the chair for a ten hour marathon of writing. I rounded out the day by watching an interesting movie with my dearest friend. 
We often watch a movie on Saturday evening. A few are less than memorable and are an actual waste of time. A  few are good and some are superb. A few are somewhere in between these two but yet are unique enough to warrant a recommendation. 
Such is the case with Miracle at St. Anna, a Spike Lee film. With just a bit of polish this movie could easily have slipped into the superb category.
However, it was just a bit to predictable, and resultant of a bit of choppy dialogue in spots, was just a little long winded. In short, it missed my classification of superb by the slimmest of margins. Still, I can honestly recommend this film but would need to add the caveat that it is for an older audience resultant of a few graphic combat scenes, and a hint of nudity. It should also be noted that this is not your average war movie as the combat sequences are relatively short.
I kicked off Sunday bright and very early by working on THE PROJECT. Then it was off to Wickenburg (a drive of 130 miles) for a two hour meeting. Even though THE PROJECT was demanding my full attention it was impossible not to take advantage of a seventy degree day and so on the return journey my dearest friend and I made a brief stop at Burro Creek (wait until you see these pictures!).
All work and no play just isn’t healthy. Still, we arrived home early enough for a couple of hours of work, and another episode in the unfolding saga of Walter White’s slide into complete moral bankruptcy. At this juncture I would be remiss if Nick Gerlich were not properly blamed for the Breaking Bad addiction that currently consumes a few hours a week.
Plans call for posting photos from the Burro Creek stop in the morning post. On Wednesday updates pertaining to the Route 66 International Festival should be available as I will be attending two key meetings tomorrow. 
Stay tuned for details –