Events such as the Route 66 International Festival share a commonality with your morning sausage. There is a better than average chance you would not enjoy breakfast very much if you saw how that sausage was made. 
As to the festival, please come and have fun. If your in Kingman before that date, and are planning to be here for the festival as well, don’t ask for a behind the scenes tour.
So with that said, rather than spoil your appetite I would prefer to spark your imagination with thoughts of slow cured, smoked maple links, fried chicken, buttermilk pancakes, fresh brewed coffee, farm fresh eggs, red eye gravy, and biscuits fresh from the oven. 
In a nut shell that portrait of a diverse and hearty breakfast is exactly what this festival is shaping up to be. Even though I have a front row seat to how it is being prepared, the various organizational meetings on Tuesday have me licking my lips in eager anticipation. Let me provide a few quick updates and see if you don’t feel the hunger begin to build. 
First, the recent transition in organizational leadership seems to have kicked this thing into high gear. Last evenings meeting left little doubt that this is an event that will bring this community together, and build long lasting partnerships.
As to the latter, consider the fact that Hualapai tourism is a primary sponsor. I should also note that the attendees last evening included business owners, representatives from city and county government, the chief of police, the tourism director, the president of the chamber of commerce, and even representatives from neighboring communities. 
Mike and Sharon Ward drove all the way from Phoenix to attend and ensure that the interests of the Route 66 community was represented, and that the very essence of these festivals is not lost in the diverse array of activities under development. That, of course, is also my primary role in all of this. 
Overall things are still loose as there are a litany of issues pertaining to permits, coordinating activities, amenities such as toilets, and parking to resolve. Still, I was most impressed by the professional management of the proceedings that resulted in a serious sharpening of focus and the development of a cooperative sense of vision, something that has been sorely lacking to this point.
We are now on track for regularly scheduled meetings. That is another item that has been missing in regard to the festivals development. It was also the greatest source of my frustrations and concerns.
The majority of activities are being centered in the historic district. However, facilities in that area are not available for a few events such as the film festival and bowling tournament. To address this ideas under development include use of KART (our local city bus service) to allow visitors to take in these activities with friends, to eliminate visitors concerns about traffic, and to keep frustrations to a minimum.
I am quite confident that by the time of the next meeting in a few weeks there will be dramatic news to report. In the mean time, you can help ensure this event is a true spectacular. 
First, join the initiative to get Joe Loesch and the Road Crew to the festival (see the upper right corner). Next, …