Rain! For the first time in more than two months we are having an honest to goodness rain shower. That provides more than an adequate excuse for staying home, tying up a wide of loose ends, and moving forward on plans for the year.
Last evening I was enjoying the company of my dearest friend, some excellent pizza, and a bottle of hard cider when discussions turned toward our often surreal life. The catalyst for the reflection and discussion was the first opportunity to examine the published version of Travel Route 66 (our newest book that is being released this month) as review copies were delivered yesterday.
With my dearest friend featured prominently as a contributing photographer, another opportunity is granted to marvel at just how fortunate I am to be blessed with such a delightful partner. Thoughts such as these were also a part of our evening as we closed out another interesting week.
If I were to pinpoint but one thing to illustrate the surreal world that has become normal for us, it would be an interview by phone for Coast FM in New Zealand. Working with SW Media of Christchurch, and Gilligan’s Wild West Tours, the station is hosting a contest with a grand prize being a trip on Route 66 this summer that includes two days in Kingman for the Route 66 International Festival. Secondary prizes will include copies of my Route 66 related books.
This week I also spoke with Connie Echols of the delightful Wagon Wheel Motel in Cuba, Missouri about the forthcoming Cuba Fest scheduled for the weekend of October 17th. Connie, Cuba,the people that call this charming village home, Cuba Fest, and the wonderful Wagon Wheel Motel perfectly encapsulate what makes Route 66 such a unique treasure.
As we introduced The Route 66 Encyclopedia at Cuba Fest a few years, it seemed only fitting that we introduce its companion title, The Route 66 Illustrated Historical Atlas at that event this year. This event should top off what is shaping up to be quite an adventure filled year. 

Most of the loose ends to be resolved this weekend are linked to odysseys and adventures in 2014,  and will ensure life lived in the surreal continues. On the to do list – correlating reference materials on hand that will be used in the new book, preparing an update report for the chamber of commerce and the various event managers involved with development of the Route 66 International Festival, a report on festival progress for Michael Wallis and the board members of the Route 66 Alliance, completion of two business plans, finalize plans for the trip to Crown King, prepare for a speaking engagement on the 13th of this month, install an updated Microsoft Word program, and, in my spare time, catch an evening movie with my dearest friend and partner.  I suppose the time has come to get to work.          
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