Depending on what calendar system you use to track time, it is only the morning of the third day of the week. In that brief period the number of events both fortunate and unfortunate that have unfolded are almost unbelievable.
Yesterday afternoon I was informed by Steve Roth (the publicist I work with at Voyageur Press) that I will be interviewed by Rudy Maxa in the coming week. Yesterday morning I learned that a very good friends father had succumbed after a very long battle with cancer.
Last week the results of a physical indicated that aside from getting a bit soft in my old age, I was in good health with the exception of low blood pressure that might pose a problem somewhere in the future. Yet yesterday afternoon a recurring issue that has been a source of concern made a come back.
Yesterday morning there was a sense of elation in the various emails received which indicated the Route 66 International Festival was taking shape. Yesterday afternoon, emails provided clear evidence there is still much work to be done.
Over the weekend we received our first real rainfall of the winter season.  Yesterday I learned that the storms may have caused damage to the Senator Highway, and we have plans for a trip to Crown King on the 15th.
Yesterday I made one more pass through tax records before this mornings appointment with the accountant and discovered a major issue that was overlooked. So, I spent last evening rectifying that.
On Sunday two endeavors to benefit the Route 66 community in a profitable manner seemed ready to finalize. On Monday a series of unexpected obstructions have resulted in postponement, delays, and a long line of hurdles.
At the very least, I am assured this week will not be boring. Nor will it be void of emotion stirring adventure. In fact, the entire month of March is shaping up to be rather interesting.
Today it is appointment with the accountant. On the 11th there is an organizational meeting for the Route 66 International Festival (updates will follow). A luncheon speaking engagement is on the calendar for the 13th, and we have the adventure to Crown King on the weekend of the 15th with our son assuming guardianship of Hinckley manner.
On the heels of the great adventure into the outback of Arizona, I have a dental appointment. Then promotion for the latest book kicks into high gear with a series of signings, speaking engagements, and interviews, all of which are great venues for promoting the merits of a road trip on the old double six.
With that in mind I should note that the spring and summer schedule is filling rapidly. So, if you have need of my services for a bit of fun filled, informative gum flapping please let me know and we can discuss scheduling and fees.
All of this has me looking toward the rest of the week with a blending of eager anticipation and a touch of anxiety. So, its time to finish breakfast and let the adventure of a new day begin.

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