I have never been accused of being the sharpest knife in the drawer. See, I am the sort of person that really believes it was an accident when someone beans me in the head with a sawed off piece of fence post. Still, by the third or fourth time my gut instinct is that I was lied to, and that your really out to get me. 
Details beyond that aren’t really important. Suffice to say the winds of change are blowing.
Like most folks I am not a big fan of dramatic change, especially at this stage of the game. Even though I am quite fond of adventures, there is a certain sense of comfort in knowing that at the end of the day the refrigerator is stocked with cider, that the cider is cold because the electricity is on, and that my dearest friend and I can share that cider and an Arizona sunset from the comfort of our back porch. 
Still, I also know that the lull of complacency induced by a comfort zone can keep us from actually living. You don’t have to look further than the Blue Swallow Motel in Tucumcari, New Mexico for an illustrated lesson and a bit of inspiration. 

Iconic artist Bob Waldmire’s home at the Route 66
Museum in Pontiac, Illinois. 

So, with that in mind the time has come (or is overdue) to take a deep breath, focus on the distant horizon, and begin a journey into the unknown with one foot in front of the other. The destination, the path, the pitfalls, and even the possible detours are an unknown. Still, as my dearest friend and I are simple folk, expectations and aspirations are relatively modest. 
This is not to say we are thinking of living out the golden years like Henry David Thoreau or even Bob Waldmire. Nor do I intend to while away the hours as a greeter at Walmart.

The ruins of John’s Modern Cabins. 

Somewhere between here and that destination obscured by the mists are an array of oasis and rest stops. At the furthest point of sight is Cuba Fest in Cuba, Missouri in October. 
This festival, the friends, the inspiration, and the cleansing sense of renewal that comes from a weekend in Cuba will be a greatly appreciated tonic after what is shaping up to be a most interesting spring and summer. Of course, setting the mood that is needed for one to truly enjoy this little retreat is the journey itself, an odyssey down the iconic double six with boundless opportunities in six states for reflection and exploration. 
Meanwhile, with dizzying speed my calendar for the next few months continues to fill. As noted in a previous post, there is an interview with Rudy Maxa this weekend that will be followed by discussions with National Geographic Explorer. Scheduled activities for next week run the gamut from an organizational meeting for the forthcoming Route 66 International Festival in Kingman, a luncheon speaking engagement, assistance with the development of a newspaper feature, and the long awaited adventure to Crown King down the territorial era Senator Highway with my dearest friend.
This will be immediately followed by a dental appointment, an intense plunge into research for the new book, two speaking engagements, a Frommer’s interview, meeting with three tour groups, and at least one more installment in the story of the American auto industries founding for Legends of America. Have I mentioned that features are also being provided for Mid Century Style magazine? 
So, even though the winds of change bring with them a touch of apprehension, they also inspire me to hoist the main sail, and see where they take me.