My goal this morning was to be a ray of sunshine. That hasn’t worked out exactly as planned.
For all intents and purposes there is little to really complain about in my corner of the world. Still, as with most of us, there are a wide array of issues that are casting a dark shadow, which makes it a challenging endeavor to be as optimistic as I would like.
The latest book is out (the publisher is hosting a giveaway contest on Goodreads) and it is garnering solid reviews. It is also sparking an amazing number of requests for speaking engagements as well as interviews (Rudy Maxa and Frommer’s are next). 
In turn that is causing a bit of frustration as a result of possible schedule confliction. The Rudy Maxa interview is now set for next Saturday, the day planned for our first full weekend of relaxation without schedules, deadlines, or cell phones since at least Christmas.
Pam Wilkinson of the Kingman Area Chamber of Commerce and a group of organizers under her direction are doing an admirable job in regard to the development of the Route 66 International Festival. Their success is even more amazing when one considers that the original organizers sort of left them under the bus with an abrupt resignation. 
Still, I am suffering from a bit of frustration. Resultant of the midstream changing of horses, much of my work as a consultant is having to be duplicated when my focus should be on development.
The Route 66 community is thriving as never before. Still, there is a bit of a dark shadow as the need for an entity that mediates problems, provides promotional assistance, and that coordinates various endeavors along the entire corridor has never been greater.
The recent trip to the doctor resulted in a report that for the most part, all is well. Three days later an issue that has plagued me off and on for a few years resurfaced leaving me in a bit of a funk as it has the potential to become serious. 
Daily, I tell my dearest friend how grateful I am to have a job to complain about. Apparently that too is subject to possible change in the very near future.
Two projects with tremendous potential for benefitting the Route 66 community, and for possibly providing a means for us to be on the road more often are in limbo. Both are hindered by a few roadblocks that could delay things by months.
Long overdue home remodel and repair projects need resolution to avoid added expense in the future. Yet the new book contract, and the need to promote the recent release, as well as work pertaining to the Route 66 International Festival require a great deal of my time.
Then there are the assorted issues with parents and grandchildren that weigh heavy. Still, I am quite aware of how blessed we are to have both. 
So, for the foreseeable future the forecast looks to be sunny with a few clouds to cast shadows. At least its warm.  
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