I am rather certain that if a person searches for adventure, they will find it. On Route 66, however, that search won’t take very long or require a great deal of effort.
Route 66 adventures are found on social media sites, in travel books, in text messages, and in emails.  And if your fortunate enough to reside in a community where Route 66 serves as Main Street, then adventures can be found at the park, in the super market or coffee shop, or at the gas station.
If you meet someone reading about Route 66 or driving Route 66 on purpose, or if they talk about Route 66 with passionate,  animated, excitement, it would be safe to assume that the individual has discovered the infectious stimulation of a Route 66 experience.
When it comes to adventure and inspiring people to embrace life with passion, there is truly something magic about this old road. Perfectly respectable and normal people from all walks of life will spend hours under a desert sun seeking a forlorn, forgotten remnant of the old double six, have fun doing it, and with Youtube videos or Facebook postings inspire others to plan an entire vacation around similar pursuits.

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Others abandon most everything to live a dream, to inspire others to pursue theirs, and to discover the joy of living. They restore vintage motels, cafes, or trading posts in obscure dusty communities, fill their days with long hours of hard work for little financial gain, meet with enthusiastic travelers and adventurers from all over the world, and develop an almost permanent smile.
Soon that obscure, time worn, forgotten little community becomes a destination. Other dreamers join them. Then the curtain that separates past from present parts, and time is rolled back as long darkened neon again glows bright, weed strewn parking lots fill with cars, shuttered cafes again teem with life, and a sense of excitement, hope, and enthusiasm sweeps through the community replacing despair and apathy.
It transforms people in other ways as well. Once experienced it becomes difficult to enjoy or appreciate the normal or the mundane, the drudgery of a nine to five job void of a future, or the mind numbing daily routine that erodes the precious finite gift of time. 
Route 66 is more than a mere highway. It is inspiration and a magic elixir.
It is a bridge that spans gaps of culture and language, as well as the past, present, and future. It is the stuff of dreams and the inspiration to live life rather than endure it.  

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