It’s a wonderful day in the neighborhood. The weather is warm with a slight breeze, the barbershop was finishing with the only customer as I walked in the door, for supporting a grocery store with better quality and slightly higher prices than Walmart we received a forty cent per gallon discount on gasoline, and I found the “Kwik Wood” by JB Weld to repair cracks in my dearest friends walking stick (a souvenir from Crown King) as soon as I walked in the door of the hardware store.
It has the makings to be a most interesting weekend with a list of things to be resolved that includes preparing the tax return, with check for payment, for mailing on Monday, preparing a package for our oldest granddaughter, sending out requests for assistance as the research for the new book begins in earnest, filling out forms for a passport, replacing a rake handle, answering a wide array of correspondence pertaining to the festival, forwarding these requests for information to the proper people, and finalizing arrangements for several speaking engagements as well as interviews.

Author Jim Hinckley speaking at a meeting
of Westerners International in Flagstaff.


In regard to the latter, at this point the schedule looks to be full through May. I never could have imagined so many folks would want to hear me beat my gums, or that some folks would even pay me to do so.
It should be noted that October is already looking full (Cuba Fest, a possible engagement at Route 66 State Park for a fund raiser, and then meeting with three tour groups). Between May and October, aside from meeting with numerous tour groups and four speaking engagements the calendar looks open.
For 2015, well there is the distinct possibility that the year will start with a bang. Details will be provided as soon as possible but suffice to say a new chapter in our Route 66 adventures is unfolding.
Now, as per popular demand, here are a few updates on the Route 66 International Festival as well as  key contacts if you require more information.

The primary contact is the Kingman Area Chamber of Commerce
120 W. Route 66
Kingman, AZ  86402
Next, TNT Automotive will be hosting a huge Bugfest (VW’s) during the festival. As this is where Bob Waldmire often had his van repaired, and as he created a mural for this company, they have made arrangement with Buzz Waldmire to showcase an exhibition of his work. Here is the contact information (James or Julie)(928)753-1477.
The theme for the festival is Kingman, and Route 66, as the crossroads of the past and future. A key component is electric vehicles and related infrastructure.
The National Historic Electric Vehicle Foundation has voted unanimously to attend and will be showcasing a number of historically significant electric vehicles. This organization is also working with the chamber of commerce to establish a temporary electric vehicle museum that can open during the festival.
David Heward is the head of the Route 66 Electric Car Club. This organization will also be in attendance. If you would like further information, his contact information is

Another electric vehicle proponent that is organizing a cruise to the festival is Jerry Asher. If your interested in joining in the fun, the contact information is  
A Route 66 conference is scheduled as a key component of the festival. This will include representatives from state associations as well as individuals involved with aspects of Route 66 development and electric vehicles and related infrastructure development. The chamber of commerce would be a primary contact for more information.

A film festival featuring leading independent film makers of Route 66 documentaries as well as classic feature films shot in Kingman or along Route 66 will also be an important part of this years festival. If your a film producer interested in participating, or your would like additional information, the organizer for this event is Rob Chilcoate at

The walk of fame honoring people key to the development of Route 66 originally promoted is still under development but I do not have details. The chamber of commerce would be the best ones to talk with on this.

I spoke with Rick Freeland of the Route 66 Alliance yesterday. There will be an awards banquet but details are still pending.  

Rick Zimmer initiated a fund raising campaign to get Joe Loesch and the Road Crew to Kingman. He is working with Kristi Turman in Kingman. To donate there is a link in the upper right corner.

Acclaimed children’s author Anne Slanina (Annie Mouse on Route 66) will be in attendance. An Annie Mouse Party is under development.

There will be two evenings of Chillin on Beale, a low key event that involves cars, music, and food in the historic district. This event is held on the third Saturday evening of each month from April through October.
The chamber of commerce is he primary contact.

The artists, authors, collectors, and associations exhibition may be the largest to date. Joe Sonderman and Chery Eichar Jett will be in attendance showcasing new books, indications are that each state association will have a table and display, Chris Robleski of Fading Nostalgia (an award winning photographer) has expressed interest in participating as well as hosting a series of classes, and Dries Bessels of the Dutch Route 66 Association will be in attendance.
The chamber of commerce is the contact for more information about participating in the exhibition. If your a vendor and wish to participate in the festival contact Mohave Promotions –

Bob “Boze” Bell of True West magazine will be in attendance. He is finishing an illustrated book about being a kid on Route 66 in Kingman. His father owned several service stations in the area along Route 66 during the 1940’s and 1950’s. He may also get his band from the 1960s together for a performance.
Kathleen Smith of the Holbrook Chamber of Commerce is spearheading development of an event for the weekend before the festival. The office number is 928-524-6227 for more information.

Now, all we need is to find a creative way to ensure every community on Route 66 can play a role in the festival, and that you can take a timely tip and motor west, or east, to Kingman.