The theme for the Route 66 International Festival this year is Route 66, and Kingman, as the crossroads of the past and future. This would also be a very apt descriptor of where I stand in life.
This morning its more tests with the doctor, the results of which will play a determining factor in the course followed in the next few years. This morning material pertaining to the festival that was submitted to Jerry Asher, a leading proponent in green highway development, will be presented at a major conference in Phoenix this morning.
This is another crossroads that will have a dramatic effect on the size and scope of participation in the festival by electric vehicle owners, and developers of related infrastructure as well as enthusiasts, and as a result, it will have a long term affect on development along the Route 66 corridor. Additional interest will be generated with the forthcoming official announcement of a display at the Powerhouse that Roderick Wilde of the Historic Electric Vehicle Foundation says will be “the largest historic electric vehicle exhibition in the world under one roof.”  
I have a pending interview with Frommer’s about Route 66 and the release of my latest book, Travel Route 66. It will be impossible to talk about either one and not discuss the festival. Another crossroads.
If the sales rankings are an indication, this new book reflects a growing fascination and interest in Route 66. “#5 in Books > Travel > United States > Central    

  • #6 in Books > Travel > United States > South > West South Central
  • #9 in Books > Travel > United States > West > General
  • Personal invitations with details about the festival have been sent to more than 300 car clubs, and several thousand automotive enthusiasts. I am quite sure this will generate a bit of interest in Kingman and Route 66.  

    The necessary paperwork is now in hand and so next week we can apply for passports. This is step one in a very big Route 66 related adventure that will be a milestone as well as a crossroads.
    This evening there will be a conversation with Ed Bergman about a fascinating project he has under development. The innovative concept has the possibility of providing a tremendous service to the Route 66 community, another crossroads.
    In Tucumcari, another old motel is about to get a new lease on life, and in Needles, under the tireless leadership of Linda Fitzpatrick, the cities historic theater is about to become a symbol of the cities rebirth. Another crossroads.
    Crossroads of the past and future is more than the theme for this years festival. It is shaping up to be the theme for 2014 on Route 66 from Santa Monica to Chicago, and in the household of a pair of adventuresome Hinckley’s.  
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