Well, I survived another week of assorted chaos, frantic schedules, broken equipment, exploits with grandchildren, life changing events, embarrassment, fun, adventures, medical appointments,  confusion, frustration, excitement, and other situations that ensure life is never boring. I think you might find a little inspiration and a laugh or two in a recap. 
Read into it what you will but in our homestead Sunday is the first day of the week. So, the week started with a three hour phone conference with Rick Freeland of the Route 66 Alliance (more on that later), another round of extensive spring cleaning, reading the latest issue of Hemmings Classic Car, an odd concept known as relaxation, and in general, hanging out with my best friend. 
I started Monday with another indication from company management that job security is a myth in the form of a memo. This was followed by a wide array of maddening computer issues as we had “upgraded” systems to Windows 8 the previous week. To add to the fun, there was the usual litany of customer related issues that had accumulated over the weekend.
The reward for enduring the mundane frustrations of life manifested that evening with a phone call from my granddaughter. After informing me that I had not yet installed Skype, and telling me how easy it was to use, she proceeded to read me a Dr. Seuss book.
The book reading was a first. Likewise with the embarrassment of having  
Tuesday was most interesting. I kicked it off with an interview for Frommer’s radio program in which there were plugs for the new book, Route 66, and the Route 66 International Festival. A link for the podcast will be posted as soon as its available.
Wednesday started with another chapter in my ongoing quest to obtain a CDL license. As I thought the truck driving days were behind me when my career in repossession and collections kicked off, I reverted to a regular license some twenty years ago.
The physical was completed last month but there was need for blood and “pee” tests, and an updated eye exam. The blood test was completed first.
On Wednesday morning I arrived at the medical lab by 6:45 AM (they open at 7:00) in the hope of being first in line. No such luck.
So, I was patient number six. When my time came I learned that resultant of recent changes my insurance was no longer valid at the lab used for several years.
Now I would need to make an appointment with another lab. And this will require filling out a new batch of paperwork. Even better, they don’t open until 8:00 so this will require time off from work and the rearrangement of my schedule next week.
The next couple of days are a sort of blur. There were a flurry of notes, phone call, and the facilitating of meetings as well as introductions. Each added to my excitement about the festival, each ratcheted up the frustration and anxiety, each added incentive to fleeting thoughts of relocation.
Roderick Wilde of the Historic Electric Vehicle Foundation is looking to meet with the Chamber of Commerce this month to initiate development of the historic electric vehicle exhibit that will open during the Route 66 International Festival. Bob “Boze” Bell has a tremendous exhibit to accompany the launch of his new book at the festival but there is a need to find a suitable location – another round of introductions, phone calls, and facilitating meetings. 
The chamber of commerce is organizing and developing this festival. There are, however, times when I have this feeling that they may be driving the bus but that I am under it.
Judging by emails and calls received, there is a growing frustration with the lack of information available about the festival. Me too. 
Still, I can say with honesty that this could very well be the most exciting event on Route 66 this year. Here are the latest updates I have available. For more information about lodging, vendor space, participation, or general information, contact the Kingman Area Chamber of Commerce at (928)753-6253.
In response to my inquiry about the Annie Mouse party, an integral part of acclaimed children’s author Anne Slanina program at the festival, I received this note from Betsy Parker. 
Ms Slanina will be presenting at grade schools on Friday and has a presentation at the library and a full day with children Saturday. I am spearheading this with help from Lee Williams staff and Boys and Girls Club. Annie Mouse be ready for Kingman!”
  • The executive director of the Wally Parks NHRA Museum, also a director of the Historic Electric Vehicle Foundation, will be assisting Roderick in the acquisition of historically significant vehicles for the exhibition at the Powerhouse Visitor Center – 
  • More than 2,000 invitations with festival information have been sent to various car clubs and related organizations – 
  • The Dutch, German, and Czech Route 66 associations will be participating –
  • The conference will be rather historic as presentations will be made by a National Park Service representative, representatives from each of the eight state associations and several of the international ones, and leaders in the transformation of Route 66 into an electric highway –
  • Holbrook is developing a festival for the weekend before the festival to provide visitors with an opportunity to spend a fun filled week in Arizona. This link is for a recent news feature – 
  • The Bob Waldmire exhibition is confirmed – 
  • The artists, authors, and artists exhibition is adding new participants almost every day and my understanding is that the chamber of commerce is looking at a second adjoining building to accommodate – 
  • The film festival is also growing in scope. Bob “Boze” Bell is looking to debut a new documentary to accompany his book about growing up on Route 66 – 
  • The historic Holiday Inn in Kingman, now the fully refurbished Magnuson Hotel is going to offer special room rates during the festival –    
  • The festival presents a tremendous array of advertising and sponsorship opportunities. Contact the chamber of commerce for more details – 
  • One of these is to fund the Road Crew’s appearance. A corporate sponsor could reap the befit of having their name on the stage and in related promotional materials. Individual donations will also ensure that this band continues the tradition of providing the theme song for the festival – 
  • To satisfy my curiosity, I am curious as to how many are planning on attending. Please just drop a note in the comment section if your coming to Kingman, or if you have questions or ideas –