Our study of history is often similar to a simmering stew. Far to often we scoop from the top and as a result, miss the meat and potatoes.
With the passing of years it becomes increasingly difficult to develop a full and complete picture as facts and information are lost, destroyed, forgotten, or purposely distorted to justify an opinion or policy. Resultant of this, as an example, having a comprehensive understanding of the cause and affect of the American Civil War, and subsequently the lessons to be learned, becomes a daunting task.
Surprisingly, obscurity of information resultant of the passing of time is not limited to topics rooted in ancient history. As an example, the infancy of Route 66 took place in a relatively modern era of automobiles with heated steering wheels, airplanes, transatlantic flights, radios, recordings, telephones, typewriters, and motion pictures, and yet it is littered with open ended questions.
Now, you may ask, what is the relevancy of knowing what course Route 66 originally followed through Tucumcari or how Depew handled being bypassed in 1929. Well, the short answer is that an understanding of this highways infancy is key to charting its future course. 
If we know how the U.S. Highway 66 Association stayed relevant and provided a voice for the Route 66 community during the infancy of the U.S. highway system, the Great Depression, the era of gas rationing during World War II, and the evolution of the post war boom that played a key role in its replacement by the interstate highway system, we have a template for crafting an organization to represent the road in the modern era. As there are numerous similarities between the challenges facing the Route 66 community today, and the challenges faced by the Route 66 community in 1929, 1935, 1944, 1950, and 1955, we can also derive a means for ensuring the road remains relevant for future generations.
And that takes us to the second item, a call to arms. First, on this list is the need for funds to ensure the Road Crew is performing in Kingman at the Route 66 International festival (a link for the fund raising page is in the upper left right corner). I would be remiss if it were not noted that this is an incredible promotional opportunity for a business or corporate sponsor.
Of course, with a festival of this size, additional advertising and sponsorship opportunities abound. This festival is a very unique opportunity for a business to link their company to Route 66 and at the same time have an international audience. For more information contact the Kingman Area Chamber of Commerce at (928)753-6253.  
Next, I know it is a bit early but how many people plan on attending the festival? Who will need space in the exhibition hall with the authors, artists, collectors, and Route 66 association representatives? Who will be attending as a vendor?
Now lets talk about some breaking developments. In the coming months, eyes will focus on Las Vegas, New Mexico. Details are found in this story posted on Route 66 News but suffice to say, this historic community is about to become a destination for Route 66 enthusiasts (it should be now) even if it requires the slightest of detours. 
Okay, some new developments pertaining to the Kingman edition of the Route 66 International Festival. Bob “Boze” Bell will be debuting his latest book at the festival AND plans on also having a companion documentary for the film festival. 
Plans for a star studded opening gala at the Powerhouse Visitor Center is under development. This is being scheduled for Thursday evening, the 14th. I guarantee that this will provide added incentive for showing up a day or two early. 
Holbrook is moving forward on their plans for an out of the park Route 66 celebration for the weekend before the festival in Kingman. That will make a grand excuse for a full week on Route 66 in Arizona. It looks as though this dusty little town is about to give Winslow a run for their money.
Now a few mundane notes. …..sorry, I live on Route 66 and can’t think of any.  
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