Spring flowers aren’t the only thing adding a touch of color to Route 66 this week. Apparently Dale Butel, Kumar Patel, the Route 66 communities favorite Texan, Bob “Croc” Lile and a host of characters are heading east. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.
Members of the German Route 66 Association in
Chloride last year.
That should kick off what is shaping up to be a very busy season with a 2,000 mile string of smiles. Indicative of just how busy this season will be is my schedule for the next four weeks.
This afternoon I meet with “EV” Jerry Asher who is a leading proponent for electric vehicle infrastructure development that is working to update the Route 66 corridor in Arizona on the Plug Share website. This will be followed by meeting with a tour group from New Zealand, speaking before the Rotary Club about communities that are successfully harnessing the resurgent interest in Route 66 as a catalyst for development, meeting with Anja and Wolfgang and two tours from Germany, signing books for an Australian tour, meeting with a tour company director, and continuing in my role as a consultant for the Kingman Area Chamber of Commerce at a planning meeting for the Route 66 International Festival.
The festival this year is far more than a celebration of America’s most famous highway, its history, and its culture. With full endorsement from the Historic Electric Vehicle Foundation, and growing interest from  electric vehicle enthusiasts, this will be the dawn of a new era on this iconic old highway. 
Meanwhile, Allen Greer and his family have arrived in Truxton. Now the Frontier Motel complex recently purchased by Sam Murray can begin a passable imitation of the mythical Phoenix. 
An indication of the growing interest in Route 66 is the sales of my latest book, Travel Route 66, and request for interviews or information. On Sunday, the book and road were the subject of an interview with Frommer’s Radio (about ten minutes into the second hour of the April 6 program). Yesterday I received a request for information from a feature writer on staff with Arizona Highways. I also received notice that the publisher is looking to reprint as the first run has almost sold out, and in just SIX WEEKS!
At this rate I just might make the childhood of becoming a writer when I grow up. Meanwhile, there is the daunting task of digging up information about the evolution of the taxi industry. Leads or assistance would be most appreciated.
Meanwhile, it is time for a shave and then its off to meet the day –
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