Another week has been transformed into history with astounding speed. In light of the wide array of activities on the calendar, I have little doubt that the weekend will be joining it just as quickly.
On the “to do” list this weekend is providing Dave and Kathy Alexander some photographs from Texas for the Jim Hinckley’s America gallery on the Legends of America website. This is the official source for ordering prints of our photographic work in a variety of sizes. A slide show is available here –
The Legends of America website is an interesting blend of museum, archive, and grandma’s attic. Your challenge for the weekend, try limiting time spent exploring the site to a half hour.

My original plan was to begin demolition slash renovation of the front bathroom this weekend but that has been postponed for at least a week. Instead there is the first edition of Chillin’ on Beale (would you like to join us?) in the Kingman historic district one block north of Andy Devine Avenue (Route 66) this evening (an opportunity to visit with friends that have been in hibernation), enjoy a bit of good food at Redneck’s Southern Barbecue, and a lunch visit with Wolfgang and Anja of the German Route 66 Association.
Searching for things will also consume a bit of time this weekend. I need to tie my butt to the chair and dedicate a few hours to perusing newspaper archives in search of information for the current book project about the evolution of the American taxi industry.
And now for a change in direction –
I was half way through today’s posting early this morning when the schedule was tossed from the window. As this happens with a certain degree of regularity in my life it is now considered normal.
First was an eagerly anticipated call from Pat Foster, an acclaimed automotive journalist who is the guru for post war independent automobile manufacturer information and the undisputed repository for all things AMC related. As the current book project includes documenting a bit of history about taxi cabs built by Packard, Nash, AMC, Studebaker, and even Hudson, this was an exciting conversation. Of course, any conversation with Pat is interesting. 
In taking his call I noticed two text messages from last evening. My fill in at the office on Saturday’s was down with the flu. Needless to say this changed a few of the mornings plans. 
Then I received a phone call from Roger Allison who is on the road leading the inaugural Route 66 adventure for Gilligan’s Wild West Tours, a New Zealand based company. As there have been a few glitches, Roger and I have had numerous phone conversations this past few days. 
This mornings glitch took the form of Roger being at the El Rancho Motel in Gallup and feeling as though he was coming down with the flu. I share this with you today to illustrate a point about the unique nature of the Route 66 community. 
A New Mexico motel owner and I have been following this tour as it has tremendous potential for the road, and we share a vested concern that the people who travel iconic Route 66 need to have a memorable as well as enjoyable experience. When learning that Roger was feeling under the weather, this motel owner offered to drive to Gallup, and assist with the tour across Arizona. That, my friends, is what makes Route 66 a truly unique experience.
With that said, if I am gone to make hay while the sun is shining…


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