The twisted course we follow through life is filled with wrong turns, right turns, and “U” turns. As the years pass, and with just a bit of hindsight, sometimes it becomes obvious that what at the time seemed like a right turn was in actuality a wrong turn, the wrong turn turned out to be the right turn, and the “U” turn was the one needed to get back on course.
On occasion the right turn becomes a wrong turn if we stay the course to long. That is the dominating thought that sparked this philosophical train of thought.
Yesterday Bill Daughtrey announced that Friday would be his last day at the office. I wish the announcement was resultant of plans to take an early retirement but he is to young for that.
Bill will be sorely missed. He was more than a dependable hand and his departure means that for the most part, I am left without a morning burrito buddy and am now running what is essentially a one man railroad with only loyal Brittany to hold down the fort on Saturdays.
Meanwhile the captain at the helm with the chamber of commerce is about to change. This means another regroup is in order for the development of the Route 66 International Festival.
Author Jim Hinckley signing books for fans of the
double six from Australia.
Speaking of the festival, I am pleased to announce that there seems to be order taking shape in the chaos. On a serious note, I am not going to guarantee this festival will be better than the one in Joplin but you can bet the bottom dollar it will be memorable as well as historic.
Between now and the festival in mid August the schedule is thickly peppered with long days filled with a wide array of meetings and adventures. Again, it looks as though I will be able to stave off boredom for at least the first months of summer.
In the morning before opening the office I will speak to the local rotary club about utilizing the Route 66 renaissance as a catalyst for community development and revitalization. Next Tuesday morning we have an appointment for submission of passport applications, part two of an unprecedented Route 66 adventure looming on the horizon.  
Next week there will be two meetings pertaining to the Route 66 festival development, organization, and change in leadership. To close things out there is the annual Route 66 Fun Run weekend which this year will include driving from Seligman to Kingman with Sam Murray of New Zealand, a long overdue visit with John and Judy Springs, dinner with friends Mike and Sharon Ward, as well as George and Bonnie Game of the Canadian Route 66 Association. 
The tradition of meeting with Dale Butel’s Australian based Route 66 group, speaking about the history of Route 66 in western Arizona, and signing books during the fun run continues. Last year, as an added bonus, I also served as guide for Mark Fletcher who was filming a special Route 66 edition of Classic Restos, a syndicated Australian program.
Resultant of a non existent office staff, all of the travel plans, meetings, and engagements in May as well as June are now being rescheduled. This will challenge my skills as a juggler.
And so another day at the crossroads begins. Is it time for a “U” turn? Will a wrong turn out to be the right turn or will a right turn be the wrong turn?  
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