Every day is an opportunity for adventure, especially if we can break free from the rut. It can be as simple as driving a different route to work, or as complicated as taking a weekend to drive with no particular destination other than a point on the compass in mind and no reservations. 
For my dearest friend and I today’s adventure was actually the first step in what promises to be an unprecedented odyssey, at least for us. This morning we submitted passport applications. In the coming weeks additional details will be provided but suffice to say our plans are to venture beyond the end of Route 66 in the not so distant future. 
Meanwhile, there is a wide array of business to attend to. There is a book to complete, further assistance with festival development, covering the annual Route 66 Fun Run for a magazine, Cuba Fest, and of course assistance to friends traveling the double six this summer.
Then there is promotion for the current book which has morphed into full blown promotion for Route 66. This link is for a recent interview that appeared in the Toronto Star.
Meanwhile Andrew Evans working for National Geographic Explorer is continuing his journey of exploration on Route 66. The latest posting on his Digital Nomad blog that looks at the Boots Motel and treasures of Carthage provides some interesting perspective and a great deal of hope in regard to the long term evolution of this storied highway as a living, breathing time capsule. 
As we are on the subject of Route 66 evolution and development, the Route 66 Chamber of Commerce is filling the role implied by the name rather nicely. Their website is now a full 96 pages of information that ranges from Route 66 real estate listings to lodging and dining recommendations and blog links.
In addition to launching a membership drive, they are also looking to assist businesses along Route 66 with promotion through $66 display ads and other services. As a chamber of commerce for the Route 66 community, their assistance does not stop there. 
Resultant of the deadly storms that hit Quapaw and Baxter Springs, the Route 66 Chamber of Commerce launched Route 66 Cares, a Facebook page that will serve as central point of organization to assist communities along the Route 66 corridor that have suffered a natural disaster. 
Ron Hart, the chamber of commerce director, is a scheduled speaker for the Route 66 – Crossroads of the Past & Future Conference that is a scheduled event for the Route 66 International Festival. Speaking of the festival, there is a need to address some of the recent correspondence about that event.
I can’t and won’t speak on behalf of the Route 66 Alliance, the sanctioning body for the event, or make any effort to explain why that organizations website has yet to be updated to indicate that this years festival is in Kingman. 
I will say that the people behind that organization have made tremendous contributions to the Route 66 renaissance. I will also say that in recent conversations with board members it was brought to my attention that the organization is undergoing some transitions that will have dramatic ramifications for the Route 66 community in the near future. 
The last word on this subject. In the future, please address questions pertaining to the Alliance, and the Alliance’s role in the festival, to the Alliance.
Since we are discussing adventures, and as dreams are the root of most adventures, here is an idea that was proposed to me recently – a Route 66 Festival in Europe in 2015 or 2016. What are your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions about this?
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