Sunday was a most delightful day. After sleeping in until sometime shortly after 5:00, I walked to the supermarket to pick up some pastries as a surprise for my dearest friend.
After a leisurely breakfast and relaxed conversation we watched a few travel videos about the Netherlands, and then a short film, Die van hiernoast staring Hanneke Wiersema and Karel Kuperus, friends of ours from that charming country. Education comes in many forms.
To the best of my limited ability, I avoided responding to a growing pile of Route 66 International Festival inquiries, ignored the front bathroom project, and delving into research for the latest book. I believe this is referred to as relaxation in some circles. 

The Route 66 crew from the
Czech Republic traveling with
Zdnek Jurasek at our breakfast last

Our sons midafternoon visit that included a bouquet of flowers ensured my dearest friend had an enjoyable Mother’s Day. Meanwhile I made every effort to not give thought to Monday morning but by early evening that was becoming a chore in itself.
There are so many items requiring immediate attention, they are almost impossible to ignore. Vying for a place at the top of the list are items pertaining to the new book and the ongoing development of the Route 66 festival in August. 
First, the day will begin with an office adventure. Monday mornings are always entertaining (trucks parked in bizarre places and customers claiming they broke their glasses and lost their eye, complaints, customers that made a reservation this morning at 3:00 who demand immediate attention, customers who need assistance because the truck quit running after running over a cement block in the road, and a wide array of surprises ranging from trailers with no wheels to trucks with no doors).   
Before the day ends, I will need to meet with Dora Manley who is assuming the point position with festival development as a result of Pam Wilkinson’s departure. I will also need to provide answers to uncounted inquiries about the festival banquet, the conference, the role of the Alliance in the festival, the event in Holbrook, motel and dining options, and respond to Ron Warnick of Route 66 News who posed a question that has to be addressed honestly but diplomatically.
The high point of the week comes early. On Wednesday morning we will have our annual breakfast with Zdnek Jusrasek, his delightful wife, their traveling companions, and members of the Czech Route 66 Association. Their passion for Route 66 is absolutely infectious.
So, until morning, ….


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