An unplanned emergency prevented our friends from joining us for dinner and the Chillin’ on Beale festivities. So, my dearest friend and I made it into a date night.
First, there was, as always, an excellent dinner at Redneck’s Southern Pit Barbecue. If your looking for a dinner recommendation in Kingman, and you enjoy good food at reasonable prices as well as a relaxing, simple ambiance, this place tops my list.
In looking over the diverse array of cars, trucks, and motorcycles on display, we met Dora Manley, the new director for development of the Route 66 International Festival, her husband Kurt, and learned that there had been a cancellation for Dora’s Wine Pairing Dinner. It was with regret that we turned down the invitation but a one block walk wasn’t sufficient for stirring an appetite after a hearty meal at Redneck’s.
A bottle of Barking Squirrel beer, and a movie closed out the day. Life is good.
Now, attentions turn toward the week ahead. First, I evaluated my Friday evening performance on WGN radio in Chicago, and gave myself a “C.” It had been a very long day (almost 15 hours between the beginning of the day and the interview).
The to do list today includes evaluating a Route 66 International Festival funding request developed by Kristi Turman, and a business outline from an associate in Phoenix who is engaged in developing a potentially unique Route 66 service. I also need to complete a feature article for Mid Century Style magazine.
Monday looks to be rather straightforward. Breakfast with Marleen as our Dutch language lessons continue, a day at the office (Monday is always interesting), and confirmation of speakers for the Route 66 Crossroads of the Past and Future conference that will be a part of the festival.
Tuesday gets a bit more complicated with what could easily be another fourteen hour day. Specifically, after a day of the office preceded by work related to the new book, there is an evening meeting pertaining to Route 66 International Festival development. Details and updates will be provided as soon as possible.
However, if you have specific questions pertaining to the festival, drop me a note. I will have, or will find, answers.
Also on the list for next week is the development of a few press releases, providing materials to ensure that the official festival website is being updated, writing a follow up to last weeks guest editorial for the Kingman Daily Miner based on the Tuesday meeting, and checking on developments of the Route 66 themed weekend event in Holbrook.
So, it looks as though I will once again be able to stave off boredom, at least for another week.  
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