Social media sites are a great deal like television. You can use either one as a black hole for wasting precious time, for preserving the immaturity of high school, or for enhancing life.
Years ago we kicked regular television programing to the curb and now limit our viewing to a weekly movie or an hour with Walter White. In general our use of social media sites is for the promotion of Route 66 or our work, or to stay in touch with friends.
This week Facebook is being used for a bit of voyeurism, adventure porn if you will. Rich Dinkela (the Route 66 communities version of Indiana Jones), Professor Nick Gerlich, David Heward, and Jeroen and Maggie Boersma have been sharing (and teasing with) photos from their expedition of exploration along the National Old Trails Highway in Eastern Arizona.
Judging by comments posted, I am not the only one who has an incurable fascination for the thrill of adventure and exploration, especially when it comes to Route 66.  
We always look forward to visits with friends. However, next weeks dinner shared with Jeroen and Maggie will be a special treat as we will have an opportunity for first hand accounts of the exploration and discoveries.

The National Old Trails Highway east
of Grand Canyon Caverns.

In following their exploits it reminds me that my dearest friend and I are overdue for an adventure. We have had two of note this year, one along the National Old Trails with John McEnulty and the other being the grand adventure to Crown King, but to properly curb the appetite I have found that an outing of exploration is needed at least every six weeks.
Unfortunately that just isn’t in the cards at this time so I will have to be content with vicarious explorations. The schedule for promotion of Route 66 and the current book, festival development, and a couple of other pressing issues will prevent a serious adventure for at least a few more weeks.
This morning its a breakfast shared with Bill Daughtrey, an old compadre, and a day at the office. To close things out there is a developmental meeting for the Route 66 International Festival. 
I hope to be able to provide some exciting updates and details in the next day or two. Perhaps I can also break news pertaining to something special for 2015.
Meanwhile, its time for our morning visit with Marleen.  
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