For most folks spring cleaning is an annual event that includes the cleaning of drapes, clearing out the closet filled with winter clothes, and preparing the back porch for a summer filled with barbecues.  For reasons never understood and best not delved into, I have a tendency to turn spring cleaning into a major project that includes full bathroom renovations, transforming a spare bedroom into a complete workshop, or a complete reorganization of the office library. Even worse, one project often bleeds over into another (a bathroom renovation leads to plumbing upgrades which requires removal of another wall, etc.)  
Obviously, as I have a full time job or two, spring cleaning of this magnitude often stretches well into summer, and on occasion, into fall. The end result is life lived in a construction zone that my dearest friend incredibly manages to maintain as a comfortable home while growing tomatoes, hanging wall paper, transforming a hallway with innovative painting techniques, or creating fascinating meals.
The weekend was largely consumed with continuation of the project that commenced in mid May. Now, however, the end is in sight and normalcy, or at least as close as we get to that thanks to me, will again return to the homestead. 
All work and no play is never good. So time was made for a movie shared with my dearest friend, a buffalo burger barbecue accompanied by a bottle of Barking Squirrel beer, and ample time for reflection on just how blessed I am to have such an amazing woman to share my life with.
Now the focus shifts toward the week ahead and it looks as though it will be most interesting. Late this afternoon there is discussions pertaining to the development of a project that could provide much needed services to the Route 66 community.
The project is still somewhat vague in its structure but the organizer behind it has a lengthy track record for success and he is putting together a stellar team. So, I am more than curious to see how this plays out.
Dora Manley, with assistance from her talented husband Kurt, have taken the proverbial bull by the horns in regard to development of the Route 66 International Festival. So, I am again able to focus on my original duties which was to facilitate meetings and serve as a consultant to ensure the event centers on Route 66.
This week I have been tasked with assisting in the creation of a schedule for speakers at the Route 66 Crossroads of the Past and Future conference to ensure continuity of topic. As an example, Michael Wallis will open the conference with his traditional state of the road address, and this will be followed by representatives from state and international Route 66 associations.
Additionally, I have been asked to facilitate meetings and develop an itinerary as well as provide information pertaining to lodging and dining for Dora and her husband. A plan is being developed for the personal distribution of flyers, posters, and invitations all along the Route 66 corridor east of Kingman.
As we are on the topic of the festival, I should note that the Route 66 Alliance will not be hosting the awards banquet as originally planned. Judging by the inquiries received, this is a major disappointment to many in the Route 66 community and for that reason I feel the need to apologize.
Development of the Route 66 convention in 2015 is in the earliest stages of planning, and as it is not an event sanctioned by the Route 66 Alliance, I have no clue as to the possibility of a banquet next year. I can, however, assure you that the event is currently being planned as an actual convention that centers on the needs of the Route 66 community.
Meanwhile, enjoy the summer. I hope it is filled with laughter, family, fun, and at least one Route 66 adventure.   
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