This mornings post is short but colorful. Still, I hope it puts a smile on your face, inspires thoughts of road trips, and is inspirational as well.
Lets start with a consumer warning, if you will. Anything as popular as Route 66 will attract quick buck artists, snake oil salesman, and charlatans.
Aside from promising instant wealth or tremendous promotional value from your investment, there are also other red flags. One of these is name dropping that presents the illusion of endorsement. Caveat emptor, my friends.
The iconic Blue Swallow Motel in Tucumcari.
For fans of the double six, or just good music, Tucumcari is the place to be this weekend. Rockabilly on the Route promises to be an extravaganza that will surely set a new standard for events on Route 66.
Next, a quick update on the Route 66 International Festival in Kingman. The organizers are working on the schedule for the two day Route 66 Crossroads of the Past and Future conference that is envisioned as an embryonic Route 66 convention
The list of confirmed speakers is rather impressive. Jerry Asher will be discussing Plug Share, an innovative website for owners of electric vehicles that could be harnessed and transformed into a promotional tool for Route 66 business owners. 
Tudor Melville will discuss travel in a Tesla and electric vehicle ownership. Author and historian Scott Piotrowski will discuss the wide array of often overlooked Route 66 attractions and landmarks in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. Ron Hart of the Route 66 Chamber of Commerce will speak on several innovative initiatives that assist communities in need while creating a unified sense of community.
Ed Klein will speak on sign restoration and innovative marketing techniques. Roderick Wilde of the Historic Electric Vehicle Foundation will speak on that organizations initiative to establish an electric vehicle museum. Acclaimed author and historian Jim Ross will discuss the pressing danger that threatens most historic bridges on Route 66.
The list of confirmed speakers now includes Kaisa Barthuli, Michael Wallis, Ron Hart, Dries Bessels, and representatives from most state Route 66 associations. 
Then there is the big Route 66 festival in Edwardsville next weekend. This promise to be a major event as well. 
Even though thee are a wide array of events scheduled all along the Route 66 corridor, I would like to suggest that you add Cuba Fest in Cuba, Missouri to your calendar. The quaint little festival is always enjoyable but this year it will be really special for a number of reasons including a performance by the Road Crew at Bellmont Winery. 
Now, it is time to start the very busy day. See you on the road.       
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