Our stroll along Memory Lane toward the landmark of 1,500 posts continues with number 1,497. I have yet to decide how best to celebrate the milestone but perhaps you have a few ideas.
The first photo this morning is of the Sacramento Valley as seen from the hiking trail that scales the escarpment of the Black Mountains south of Cool Springs on the pre 1952 alignment of Route 66. The  posting of photos and stories about our desert adventures are always of interest, especially with our many European readers. If they happen to be related to Route 66 that is even better.
In fact, on more than one occasion a photo or story will spark so much interest that we give thought to the possibility of a European tour for speaking engagements with accompanying photo slide show. Now that would be an adventure for the Hinckley Hillbillies!
Our adventures in the big city were the catalyst for the creation of the running joke about the Hinckley Hillbillies. In all honesty, we do enjoy our visits to Los Angeles and Chicago, Tulsa and St. Louis, but in small doses.
We are simple, small town folk that prefer the quiet places, the empty places, and the family owned places where everyone is hanging out with their neighbors. An excellent example would be the always delightful Ariston Café in Litchfield, Illinois.
Food is an integral part of the part of the Route 66 and two lane highway adventure. We have compiled a pretty long list of favorite restaurants, cafes, and diners over the years.
A few of these special places made it into the latest book. Did I mention that this book is being sold at Cracker Barrel stores and through their on line store?
Mike Ward called this to my attention. Then on Tuesday evening, after an organizational meeting for the Route 66 International Festival, my dearest friend and I stopped at Cracker Barrel for dinner.
This turned into an impromptu book signing. What an incredible opportunity to introduce a new audience to the wonders of Route 66!
Okay, we were discussing food and great places to find it on the road. A few of the places we have encountered were just a bit on the quirky side.
Lets see, on one of our southern New Mexico adventures we discovered Juan’s Red Dragon. This remains the only place I know of where you can order authentic green chili verde with a side order of egg drop soup or kimchi. 
Another memorable stop was in Oregon. The restaurant was housed in a massive hollowed out log and featured a long row of stools at a single counter.
To say the very least, Mr. Critter’s Pizza was very unusual. Where else can you order authentic Sicilian style pizza topped with elk, alligator, or kangaroo?
Meanwhile, back on Route 66…
Motel reviews have proven almost as popular as the postings about restaurants. We seldom stop in Holbrook as it is just to close to home.
However, a few years ago we were on our way home from Chicago and found ourselves in Holbrook as the sun was setting in the west. It had been a twelve hour day and so after finding the world famous Wigwam Motel full, we tried the Globetrotter Lodge.
This old motel seems to fly just below the radar, even with many Route 66 enthusiasts. However, mere words can not do justice to this wonderful place.
Peter and his family have created a roadside oasis that may not be historically correct but it does capture the essence, the feel, and the atmosphere of a mom and pop motel circa 1959. If you need a place to stay in Holbrook, I highly recommend the Globetrotter Lodge.
To wrap up the morning, I leave you with another view from the road.        

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