As noted yesterday in posting number 1,500, things have been rather interesting this week, even by my standards. Still, in all honesty, would I have it any other way? 
The galley proofs for The Illustrated Route 66 Historical Atlas is now in my hands and I have until Monday morning to make final corrections and adjustments. This will be tight but not as tight as the printing schedule which calls for the books release during the first weeks of October, and its introduction at Cuba Fest in Cuba, Missouri on the third Saturday of the month. 

As it turns out, I also need to have the first chapter for the new book finished by June 30. Resultant of the bathroom remodel and a litany of other issues, this project only exists as a pile of notes and print outs. Needless to say, I am cutting this a bit closer than I am comfortable with and so the tension level rises. 
Completion of the bathroom project is still a few months away resultant of budgetary and time constraints but at least it is back to a usable state with the tub and shower section finished, and the walls painted. With the exception of the vanity and flooring that will be replaced soon, all that remained for this stage of the endeavor was installation of the medicine cabinet, vents, light fixture, and switch. 
As the weeks evening schedule was rather full, these items were on the “to do” list for the weekend. However, yesterday I arrived home to a most delightful surprise; my dearest friend had completed all of the installations!
On Tuesday evening we were to meet with Kumar Patel of the Wigwam Motel in Rialto, and Harry Smith of NBC News in New York, and his film crew, at Redneck’s Southern Barbecue in Kingman for dinner. However, resultant of scheduling delays, my dearest friend and I found ourselves with a relaxing date night instead. 
As always the food at Redneck’s was superb. Still, food is always enhanced when it is shared with a friend. 
Of course this necessitated a few adjustments to other aspects of the weeks planned agenda. So, the next morning I met with Kumar, the news crew, and Sam Frisher, owner of the El Trovatore Motel, at Mr. D’z. It was a quick visit as the news crew was pushing to stick to a tight schedule.
I could see that Kumar was facing a daunting task. If people see Route 66 as merely another assignment, how do you impart your passion and how do you ignite a fire of excitement as well as enthusiasm? 
In either case, this represented a major marketing coup for the Route 66 community. Thank you Kumar, and thank you Mr. Harry Smith.
As my dearest friend has removed the bathroom items from the list I can focus attentions toward a few other items (aside from the books) in the next ten days. This includes the distribution of press releases pertaining to the Route 66 International festival, preparation of a presentation on Route 66 as a catalyst for development and redevelopment to be presented before an area chamber of commerce meeting, and an exciting event or two being developed for 2015. 
Details on these items will be made available soon. Meanwhile, to close out today’s post, here is a link for an item that ran today in Route 66 News. I think you will find it of interest. 

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