On Thursday, I had a first look at the galley proofs for the Illustrated Route 66 Historic Atlas with a request to have the final edit complete by no later than Monday afternoon. Accompanying this note was a letter of introduction as for the fourth time in ten years, I was working with a new editor in mid project resultant of corporate restructuring.
As the weekend plans included a bit of travel on Saturday, a noticeable sense of being under the gun crept into my thoughts. However, over the years I have learned that to survive each day it must begin with a deep breath, reflection and contemplation on the blessings in life, and preparation for a few jolts to the system as well as a couple of unexpected changes in direction with little or no warning.
This weekend was a prime example. At the last minute on Friday the travel plans changed and as a result, I had the entire weekend to focus on the atlas.
So, with completion of this post and breakfast, I will turn off the phones, cinch my backside to the chair, and focus on the task at hand.
Hard work is a sure death but a slower one than starvation. Still a life filled with only work is life lived in the worst kind of poverty, another lesson learned long ago.
So, we closed out Saturday with an evening at Chillin’ on Beale that included dinner and hours of conversation shared with friends as the crowds ebbed and flowed along the sidewalks, and vintage cars cruised back and forth. Today my dearest friend and I will most likely end the day by sitting on the back porch as the sun sinks in the west and the buffalo burgers sizzle on the grill.
Early indications are that the week ahead will once again be filled with an array of Route 66 related adventures, most of which will center on the fast approaching Route 66 International Festival. The organizers still have a great deal of work to do but overall it seems to be shaping up quite nicely.
That, however, won’t be our only Route 66 related endeavor next week. In the process of renovating and transforming the former JC Penny building in the Kingman historic district into Beale Celebrations, an event center that will serve as the venue for the exhibition of authors, artist, collectors, and Route 66 association displays during the festival, Werner Fleischmann, the owner, has restored the original street facing display windows.
He has graciously offered us one of these to display a Route 66 themed exhibit that will showcase our work. So, the game plan is to create a virtual tour of Route 66 utilizing prints available through the Jim Hinckley Gallery at Legends of America, as a backdrop for a display of our books.
As I see it this would obviously promote our work but it would also provide a wonderful venue for advertising the amazing Legends of America website, and through the display of photographs, subtly advertise a few of the businesses along Route 66. Needless to say, I am quite eager to begin creating this display.
The inquiries from chambers of commerce and similar organizations pertaining to my availability to speak on Route 66 as a catalyst for development is on the increase. This has fueled the idea of honing these presentations, promoting the service, getting other speakers involved, and perhaps, utilizing it as a means to foster a unified sense of purpose and direction within the Route 66 community. This too is a Route 66 adventure of another kind. 
With that opening as an introduction, I should note that the schedule for the October tour that will commence with the introduction of the Illustrated Route 66 Historic Atlas at Cuba Fest in Cuba, Missouri is currently being developed through my publicist. If you would like to schedule a book signing, or discuss my appearance as a speaker and the costs associated with this, contact Steve Roth., or drop me a personal note.  
Steve Roth
Quarto Publishing Group USA
400 First Avenue N, Suite 400, Minneapolis, MN 55401
T 612-344-8156
F 612-344-8691
W www.quartous.com
To close out the morning, I would like to leave you with incentive to make a trip along the old double six to Tucumcari. The New Mexico Route 66 Museum is now open!
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