The Route 66 International Festival goodwill
tour stops in Holbrook.
Rumors and rumors loosely based on fact have been swirling around development of this years Route 66 International Festival for more months than I care to think about. Here is the bottom line, this event will set a few precedents. It will also usher in a new era on Route 66.
From its inception the plan was to make this a festival for the entire Route 66 community as well as an event that served as foundation for fostering a unified sense of direction and purpose within that community. I am pleased to announce that almost every state Route 66 association, and several international associations as well, will have representatives in attendance.
As noted in the previous post, the Crossroads of the Past and Future conference has morphed into a two day event. With presentations being made by the various association representatives, leaders in the electric vehicle community, and pioneers in the development of the Route 66 renaissance, I am quite confident that cooperative partnerships will be developed.
I am quite pleased that the conference has already sparked serious discussions about the development of similar events in other communities, and the initiation of plans for an honest to goodness Route 66 convention in 2015.
At this juncture I should add another note that will answer an often asked question. Yes, there is a superb quarterly journal about all aspects of Route 66 featuring the work of acclaimed journalists and photographers, and Route 66 historian, that is published for members by the National Historic Route 66 Federation.
I would also recommend Route 66 magazine. It should also be noted that several of the state associations publish a high quality magazine or newsletter.  
Expansion of the traditional exhibition of Route 66 authors, artists, and collectors into a Route 66 information center at this years festival will also foster the development of cooperative partnerships. It will also introduce a new audience to the wonders and adventure that awaits with a journey along Route 66.
To ensure that the festival was a celebration of the entire Route 66 community, a Route 66 adventure raffle had been designed initially. With abandonment of the project by the original developers, and the turmoil that resulted, this idea fell by the wayside. However, the idea of building a unified sense of community wasn’t.
Dora Manley, left, and Richard Tally, owner
of the Motel Safari.
Even though the trip was truncated from original plans for a variety of reasons, Dort and Kurt Manley launched their Route 66 goodwill tour a few days ago with the destination being Joplin. It will be a fast and furious adventure and as a result they will not have time for lengthy visits or even to stop and meet every business owner.
Along the way they will issue personal invitations, and distribute promotional materials for the festival, gifts, and a few surprises. So, if you see them on the road, wave, and if you see them in a coffee shop, offer to buy them a cup as they will need it with the schedule they have planned.
Next, is another exciting development. The festival organizers have completed arrangements with the Grand Canyon West Resort, the signature sponsor for the event, for the publication of an expanded program guide. 
So, in addition to event schedule, map, historic stories pertaining to Kingman, and photos, there is an opportunity to include advertisement from business owners all along Route 66. Even better, the advertisements ranging in size from business card to full page will be made available at bargain rates to ensure even the smallest business can be promoted. Full details should be available in the next two weeks. If this is of interest, please let me know and I will present your contact information to the committee in charge of development for follow up.
Okay, a few personal notes that might be of interest. As noted in a previous post, we debut the Illustrated Route 66 Historic Atlas in Cuba, Missouri on the third weekend in October during Cuba Fest.
The schedule hasn’t been confirmed, and as a result updated, but we will be making appearances to sign books and speak at numerous locations along Route 66. There is still time to have your event or community added to the schedule.
The summer schedule is rather full but it doesn’t a great deal of travel as I will be meeting with various tours on the road and stopping in Kingman. If you would like me to meet with your group, please drop me a note and we will try to coordinate a time and location.
Last, but not least, if you require festival information contact the Kingman Area Chamber of Commerce. If you need assistance in making travel arrangements, or have a specific question and don’t know who to ask, drop me a note and I will see what can be done to assist.
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