Looking at the road from the rear view mirror makes me glad that the family survived this past week. Meanwhile, the road ahead is full of promise and endless possibilities.
It kicked off Monday morning with issues of the odd and bizarre kind at the office, and it closed with a tremendous sigh of relief and a reason to rejoice resultant of the doctors diagnoses for our grandson on Friday. In between was four full days that were  a whirlwind of office problems compounded by the short staffing, an array of festival related meetings, planning sessions, and problems, the ongoing issue that has me walking like a peg legged pirate, an interview, negotiations on future projects, and a starter issue with the Jeep. 
To close out the week, plans are to dedicate at least eight hours to the current book project, to enjoy a pleasant dinner with Mike and Sharon Ward, and their daughter,  resolve a few festival issues, to move plans for a Route 66 convention in 2015 one step further toward fruition, and to discuss plans for a couple of proposed Route 66 economic development conferences with organizers. Also on the schedule is a little veranda time and a movie with my dearest friend.
Looking toward the not distant future I see meeting with a few tour groups as they pass through Kingman, an eagerly anticipated dinner with our friends Karl Kuperus and Hanneke Wiersma, and visits with friends from Australia, Japan, and Missouri. To be honest, in spite of the litany of headaches and frustrations, I am also looking forward to the Route 66 International Festival.
Dora and Kurt Manley are still on their promotional and goodwill tour. According to the last update received, they met with Patrick Tuttle and his staff in Joplin, and Ron Hart in Carthage, and stayed at the Boots Motel.
The Manley’s ambitious but rushed venture on Route 66 (did I mention that they need to be back in Kingman by Monday?) is reminiscent of the promotional tours sponsored by the U.S. Highway 66 Association. As their passion and enthusiasm is infectious, my hope is that it will foster similar results.
Unfortunately, at some point their carefully timed schedule got off track and as a result they missed Michael Wallis in Tulsa. Resultant of Michael’s personal issues they won’t be able to reschedule a visit for the return trip. 
This trip is part of a plan to use this years festival as a catalyst for building cooperative partnerships in the Route 66 community from Santa Monica to Chicago. Now, meeting with Michael will have to wait until the festival in Kingman.
I hope you can catch Dora and Kurt, and a bit of their enthusiasm. Even better, plan a trip to Kingman for the festival in August.
Adios, until Sunday. Have a great weekend, make time for your family, and live life to its fullest by making time for road trips.         
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