As we enter the final weeks before the 2014 Route 66 International Festival, the speed of development seems to be directly linked to the number of loose ends requiring resolution. At some point as the festival evolved I found myself moving from consultant to full blown assistant tasked with a wide array of projects.
Now, here I am with less than ten days before the deadline for completion of a festival program. As this is a celebration of the Route 66 community as well as Kingman, I am hoping that we can showcase the entire road from Chicago to Santa Monica, introduce Route 66 to a new audience, and provide owners with a unique opportunity to promote their business to world.
Advertisement space in the festival program in sizes ranging from business card to quarter, half and full page is being offered by festival organizers. They have rates to fit every budget starting with a $50 business card advertisement.
The catch is they will need the ready to go art work within the next ten days. Here are the details. 

The rates are:

Business card ads – $50.00
1/4 page – $85.00
1/2 page – $175.00
Full page – $350.00 
Material is to be submitted via email –  
For information contact Kristi Turman – (928)303-9133, or Dora Manley at (928)279-4560.
Checks are to be made out to:
Kingman Area Chamber of Commerce
120 W. Andy Devine Avenue
Kingman, AZ 86401
Note that check is for Economic Development/66 Festival advertisement.
A very odd series of events that there will not be time to resolve has necessitated the relocation of the film festival to the historic Elks Building one block north of the Beale Celebrations event center, site of the authors, artists, and collectors exhibition.

This is actually an improvement over original plans as it centralizes the activities in the historic district but it presents a wide array of issues that will require immediate resolution.

Meanwhile, road trips of the therapeutic kind are still not a feasibility resultant of the vacation freeze at the office. Even though there are more than enough activities to keep me busy in the coming weeks, it is becoming increasingly difficult to restrain the two lane adventure obsession. I am quite confident that once the Route 66 festival is relegated to the status of historical footnote, my dearest friend and I will need at least a weekend away. 
So, to keep it in check in the meantime, I continue developing plans for the adventure to Cuba Fest in October. In addition to introducing the next book, the Illustrated Route 66 Historic Atlas, we will be enjoying the activities and hospitality of Cuba that place this event near the top of our list of favorite festivals on Route 66.
I will be speaking at the Route 66 State Park open house, and signing books, the following day. Details will be provided as soon as they are available.
These will be but two of our stops. The list of signings and speaking engagements for this tour continue to grow. Details will be provided as they become available.
Between then and now, aside from the festival, the schedule is amply seasoned with a wide array of appointments, interviews, visits from friends, and projects.
Photo courtesy Robert Norland.
Recently I was honored to sit for an interview with Robert Norland who is crafting a Route 66 video. He and his nephew were traveling the length of the double six from east to west in a beautiful old Buick Riviera, and chronicling their adventure on his Route 66 Riot blog.
I now have the current book project on track and have developed the familiar rhythm that ensures an even flow of weekly progress.
As a result, the recent storm induced mini disaster that will derail weekend plans to write for eight hours on Saturday as well as Sunday has sparked a bit of frustration. Still, in the grand scheme of things I am rather fortunate. The debris that was my shed and workshop missed the bedroom window, and there was no roof damage, just wet tools.
Author Jim Hinckley speaking to
Dale Butel’s spring tour.

On Monday, July 21, after delivering the materials for window displays being created at the Beale Street Celebrations event center for the Route 66 International Festival, we will meet with Dale Butel, and I will speak to his summer tour about the wonders of Route 66 in western Arizona. His stops are always one of the highlights of the tourism season on Route 66.

Tuesday morning will kick off with a 5:15 interview for the Ray Carr Show in Cleveland. This program is also broadcast live on the internet.
The topic of discussion will be my latest book, the forthcoming book, the allure of ghost towns on Route 66, and, of course, the Route 66 International Festival. A few weeks later Michael Wallis will be a guest on the same program.
Tuesday evening is an organizational meeting for the Route 66 festival. Updates and details will be provided the following day.
Afterwards we will be enjoying the company of Karl Kuperus and Hanneke Wiersma, and their group. We have been eagerly awaiting an opportunity for another visit with our friends from the Netherlands.
Following on the heels of what promise to be an exciting and fun filled week is the need to finalize requested arrangements for a company that is hosting a back to back double tour on Route 66 for clients from China.
At this juncture it should be noted that a new service has evolved from Route 66 festival development. With a bit of notice special arrangements can be made for any group traveling Route 66. As an example, for the company organizing the Chinese tours, the stop in Kingman includes a catered lunch at the Powerhouse, a car show with an emphasis on Cadillac, and a tour of the former Kingman Army Airfield. If this is of interest, please drop me a note and details will be provided.
To close out this mornings post, who is coming to the festival in Kingman?