A quick perusal of Facebook this morning, especially on Route 66 related pages, presents the impression that at least half the world is on the road to Kingman for the Route 66 International Festival. I am rather confident that everyone will have a good time, after all this is shaping up to be the largest Route 66 family reunion in quite sometime.
Even the weather seems to be cooperating this week. I checked the local forecast and there is a call for rain on Monday and Tuesday, and possibly Wednesday (humidity) but the high temperatures will run between 85 and 95 degrees. Nights will be around 75 degrees, perfect for an evening of music with Joe Loesch and the Road Crew in Locomotive Park.
Last minute glitches are providing a bit of consternation for event organizers and the lowly consultant that seems to have added lightening rod to the resume but that is often situation normal for events of this scale. Perhaps the most pressing issue is the festival program. 
In all honesty I can promise it will be a collectible item. After all, the one eyed blind man that did the layout and then rushed it to print without allowing for editorial evaluation ensured it will be quite unique. 
So, organizers are scrambling to develop and print flyers with event and conference schedules. This should be interesting.
In an odd twist of fate my dearest friend and I have participated in every festival since Amarillo but now that it is taking place in our home town our involvement will be very limited. The requested time off was rescinded and as a result we will only have Saturday to enjoy the fun. Still, we are quite excited as the festival is always a delightful opportunity for visiting with friends seldom seen. Even better, I will get to play tour guide (though on a smaller scale than originally planned)and share some of the special treasures in Kingman.
One more time, here are a few of the highlights – the artistry of Bob “Croc” Lile, an unprecedented conference of representatives from state and international Route 66 associations as well as from the electric vehicle community, free concerts in Locomotive Park (the Road Crew on Friday and Saturday), two car shows, vendors, Annie Mouse party, acclaimed authors, an exhibition of historically significant electric vehicles, a gathering of Tesla owners, a Bob Waldmire exhibit, a film festival, the wit and wisdom (and a new book) of Bob Boze Bell, the Walk of Fame dedication and …