The list of invitations from friends who will be celebrating the last official weekend of summer that we will not be able to accept is quite lengthy. Likewise with the list of places that we thought might make for a great weekend getaway.  

However, neither list is as long as the one detailing pressing issues that seem to be growing exponentially faster than we can cross them off the list. A starter for the Jeep, a new DSL modem and its installation, completing the fourth chapter of the new book for editorial review, a couple of family issues requiring immediate attention, a tire for Barney the Wonder Truck, the replacement of the workshop that was delayed by the festival and its development, and a plumbing issue that is also vying for a place at the top of the list are but a few of the highlights. 

In regard to road trips and adventures, this could be our longest dry spell in years. The last grand adventure was our outing to Crown King back in mid spring. 

No complaints, I learned long ago to play the hand dealt while focusing on the simple goal of outlasting the competition. So, we suck it up and focus on an anniversary getaway in a few weeks, come hell or high water. 
Looming on the horizon, Cuba Fest in Cuba, Missouri, a speaking engagement at Route 66 State Park, and other appearances that are still being added to the schedule. Then its a book signing in Burbank. That should keep us busy until the end of the year. 
Between now and Cuba Fest, we also have a few end of season meetings with friends as well as tour groups. Next week its dinner with our amigos from the Netherlands. Then there is another visit with Dale Butel and one of his tours from the land down under.
The backdrop for all of these endeavors and all of this drama is the proverbial crossroads we arrived at a few months ago. Left or right, forward or backward is the decision to be made and made soon but neither seems an ideal choice. I am rather positive that in years to come we will look back on this point in time with humor and even a bit of amazement. 
However, at this juncture it is like one of those pivotal moments in history. You would prefer to read about it in a book than live it. 
Now, does anyone know where I can find photos of Pierce-Pennant taxicabs built in the early 1920’s? How about photos of the taxi cab bombings in Chicago during this period? Crime scene photos of the taxi in which Detroit Purple gang members were executed in 1925? 
Yes sir, the current book project is turning into quite an adventure in research.       

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