As we begin our holiday weekend posts the first order of business is a very hearty happy birthday to the charming proprietress of the legendary Blue Swallow Motel, the crown jewel of the Route 66 corridor in  Tucumcari, New Mexico. We were quite pleased to see that the celebrations were being shared with friends from far and wide.
Next, an apology to those trying to contact me this weekend. The very full schedule will require me to turn of the phone for hours at a time. However, there will be a regular check of the email.
Dominating a large portion of my time this weekend will be a very intent focus on the goal of pushing the current book to the half way point. I have several months for finishing this work but it looks as the schedule for the next few months has become rather full.
In several previous posts I noted the debut of the forthcoming Illustrated Route 66 Historic Atlas at Cuba Fest, followed by a speaking engagement at Route 66 State Park. To this I have added the offer of meeting with the organizers of the forthcoming event in Edwardsville to offer my assistance, a November 15 book signing at Auto Books – Aero Books in Burbank, California, and a possible trip to Chicago as well as a meeting with two tour groups.
This isn’t to say that there isn’t room to add a speaking engagement or book signing. However, I do suggest that if such an event is of interest for your event or organization, please let me know as soon as possible.
Earlier this morning I had a most interesting conversation with Roderick Wilde of the Historic Electric Foundation about future plans for the fledgling electric vehicle museum currently housed in the Powerhouse Visitor Center in Kingman, Arizona. Further development is temporary hindered by the need to find suitable shipping and a donor to cover the costs. 
On the list of pending editions is an electric mining cart, and a fully restored, massive 1912 electric truck from the Bob Oldfather collection. The cab is more than twelve feet off the ground! 
While we are the subject of electric vehicles, I would be quite remiss if a nod wasn’t given to two very important websites. First, is the link for National Drive Electric Week. Second, a great way to promote your business to the electric vehicle community is by adding your location to the Plugshare website if you have a means of allowing electric vehicles to charge up when they stop.
One of the historic treasures on display at the
electric vehicle exhibit in the Powerhouse
Visitor Center in Kingman, Arizona.
Moving on to other news items, I am now providing my services as a consultant to Gilligan’s Wild West Tours, a New Zealand based company that is offering a different slant to the Route 66 experience by using classic road warriors such as 1970s Monte Carlos.
I would also like to remind you that a limited partnership has been established with Open Road Productions. A combination of their extensive experience in tour development combined with my knowledge of Route 66 in the southwest, and the road less traveled to magical places such as Crown King, and that of Professor Nick Gerlich ensures that your group or company adventure is a unique, one of a kind experience.
In addition, I will also provide historic district walking tours and continue meeting with tour groups, as well as organize special events, in Kingman upon request. I do recommend that reservations be made in advance.
The last item on the list today is a simple request. As you enjoy the three day weekend, move beyond the political posturing and reflect on how unique this holiday is, and how it came to be.     
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