Oatman Road, the pre 1952 alignment of Route 66 that twists and turns up and over the Black Mountains of western Arizona, symbolizes my life rather nicely. I never know what’s around the next corner, it seems to be an uphill climb but the summit is fast approaching, the views are always inspiring and stimulating but one wrong turn could spill us, and the drive is an endless opportunity for adventure.
As I waited for confirmation that my services would be needed on a Route 66 adventure, my schedule for September began to fill. Now I learn that the final decision could come today. Great, now how do I rearrange appointments, interviews, and meetings with less than two weeks notice or is that even possible?
The most pressing needs of the family are bracketed with youth and age. Tonight my dearest friend and I will be assisting my mother in law. Saturday and Sunday we will be taking care of ten week old master Nathan, the newest addition to the family.
The pressing deadline trumps the pending need for addressing issues at the homestead such as replacing the workshop or transforming the imitation of the Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie into something resembling a backyard.
A pleasant and thought provoking conversation and lunch with Dale Butel of Route 66 Tours, an Australian based tour company, reignited my passion to foster development of an annual Route 66 convention that blends the embryonic Route 66 Crossroads of the Past and Future conference at this years Route 66 International Festival with workshops and the family reunion aspects that are the heart and soul of these events.
So, as I await details from Edwardsville, and information on how I may be of assistance in regard to development of an event there next October, I provided a letter of support and endorsement to Scott Piotrowski who is spearheading development of the proposed 2016 Route 66 convention in historic Los Angeles. In addition, I have initiated discussions with each of the state Route 66 associations, the European associations, and tourism directors in cities along the Route 66 corridor.
Meanwhile planning for the adventure to Cuba Fest where we will introduce the next book, a companion to The Route 66 Encyclopedia, and a speaking engagement and signing at Route 66 State Park, seems to be developing a life of its own. In discussions with Patrick Tuttle in Joplin on Wednesday, a  possible signing and speaking engagement in that city was added to the schedule, the fourth in three short days.
That adds another item to the schedule. I have just over one month to prepare the Jeep for another epic adventure on the Main Street of America and along the roads less traveled, but first, an anniversary outing next weekend.
Shortly after our return from Cuba Fest, we turn west for an adventure. A book signing at Auto Books – Aero Books in Burbank, California is on schedule for November 15.
Then there is the need to turn my attentions toward 2015, which may start out with the biggest adventure to date. Stay tuned for details.
Gainful employment is also something that needs my attention. As eating on a regular basis has become a habit, making plans to ensure that this continues is also a priority.
The year 2014 will be a memorable one as it was an endless series of events with curious twists and turns. All of this has me looking toward 2015 with a great deal of anticipation, and more than a hint of apprehension.
One thing is certain, I am quite confident it will an interesting turn of events.
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