Thirty miles from anywhere on our last simple
weekend outing.
It will be a brief but long overdue adventure for my dearest friend and I. Plans are for a simple weekend outing with my son left to guard the homestead. As we haven’t had a simple weekend adventure in thirty-one years of marriage, in spite of extensive planning for just such an outing, I am rather confident we will fail miserably.
Based on previous adventures, it seemed prudent to have the old Jeep serviced and prepared for any contingency. That will be job one this morning. 
This will be one thing less to worry over before heading east for Cuba Fest next month. Immediately on the heels of that outing is a weekend trip to Burbank, California for a book signing.
So, even though we have suffered an extreme travel drought this year, we should be able to make up for a bit of that in the closing months. Then for 2015, well it looks as though we will kick off the new year with an unprecedented adventure, at least for us.
My dearest friend at the tiller of a rare 1930 Detroit
Electric at the Route 66 Electric Vehicle Museum
in Kingman.
This unfolding adventure will be of benefit for the entire Route 66 community. Stay tuned for developing details.
I am quite pleased to announce that the 2014 Route 66 International Festival seems to have generated excitement and enthusiasm in Kingman. Plans are afoot for the creation of a second (we have the annual Route Fun Run in May) Route 66 based annual event, most likely in the fall.
My hope is that expectations aren’t set to high, at least for a first year event. There will be less than a year for its development and promotion.  
While on the subject of Kingman, the Historic Electric Vehicle Foundation has announced that the exhibit of historically significant electric vehicles established at the Powerhouse Visitor Center for the festival will be a permanent display. Even better, the exhibit will be expanded in coming months and be developed as the Route 66 Electric Vehicle Museum
When completed, the Route 66 Walk of Fame will
stretch the length of Route 66 in the historic district.
There are also plans in place for the continuing development of the Route 66 Walk of Fame. For more information, or to fund a brick for inclusion, contact Julie at (928)753-1477.
Next year is shaping up to be a rather epic year for legendary Route 66. In addition to the historic event in Edwardsville next October, the internationally acclaimed Great Race sponsored in part by Hemmings Motor News will be following Route from St. Louis west to the coast.
One more. In October of this year, the National Route 66 Motor Tour kicks off in Joplin. With extensive media coverage generated by its development, this will most likely be a major event. 
Don’t forget, if your community or organization is hosting a Route 66 event, please let me know so it cab added to the What’s Happening on Route 66 page.    

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