For the first time in many months I had an opportunity available to update and streamline the blog today, and address some very good suggestions as to improvements. The tabs at the top of the page will remain the same but the content will be extensively updated in the coming weeks. 

The carousel under our trademarked logo that showcases books I have written has been kept in place to facilitate the selection and ordering of copies through In the right column at the top  you will see a picture of the cover for the forthcoming Route 66 historical atlas. Directly underneath is a drop down menu with titles from the entire Jim Hinckley collection, with the exception of The Big Book of Car Culture, out of print, and a small book written about a dozen years ago on the history of the Checker Cab Manufacturing Company. Autographed copies utilizing Paypal can be ordered there. 
I listed the atlas even though the book is not yet available. If at the time of ordering you receive notification that this or any book is not available, please let me know and I will notify you as to when availability can be expected. I will also follow up with a notification when the books are available for ordering. 
At this time we will only offer domestic shipping. I haven’t found an economically feasible means of shipping internationally.
Photos will still be available as prints in various sizes through a limited partnership with Legends of America. Details are found in the page tabs listed above. This is the link for the Jim Hinckley’s America gallery at Legends of America.
In evaluating some links it was determined that a few were defunct. So, I decided to clean up the blog by simply deleting sections with dead links, and removing other sections with limited or no traffic. 
As always, if you have suggestions as to how the blog can be improved, or if there is something you would like to see added, please let me know. I would like to ensure the blog remains a trusted and valued resource for the planning of adventures on Route 66 as well as the road less traveled.        

The road to the Cave Restaurant near Richland, Missouri.

While we are on the subject of road trips, the pending adventure (now a mere ten days away) has me chomping on the bit to get on the road. For those who know us, this isn’t much of a surprise but this time we have added incentive beyond another opportunity to bask in the rejuvenating glow of another odyssey on Route 66, an evening with the Road Crew, and visits with friends.

For this expedition we take to roads not traveled in years, and I have an opportunity to share, for the first time, some childhood favorites with my dearest friend. As a bonus, on this trip we will be driving the Jeep which always expands our opportunities for unplanned, spontaneous adventure.
As has often been the case in recent years, this trip is primarily of a business nature. Fortunately it just happens to be the type of business we enjoy best, sharing the wonders of travel on Route 66 and the road less traveled, and hopefully inspiring a road trip or two. 
These are most definitely exciting times of change and transition on Route 66 and we are pleased as well as well honored to be playing a small part in the transformation of this amazing old road. Route 66 associations are developing an array of cooperative partnerships, individuals at the grassroots level are renovating properties as well as donating time and money for an array of projects from website to event development, the steering committee facilitated by World Monuments Fund, and the awakening of communities large and small are charging the atmosphere along Route 66 with a palpable sense of excitement and eager anticipation. 
I have a feeling that the road to the centennial could very well be the most exciting decade (plus a year or two) in the history of Route 66. Time will tell.
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