The fall weather in my corner of Arizona is about as perfect as one can get without ordering a special day out of a catalog. Just before sunrise there is the faintest of chills that hint of winter lurking just around the corner. By late afternoon the temperatures are hovering somewhere in the eighties and there is usually a light breeze.

There was a time not so long ago that this change in the weather would signal the end of the busy season on Route 66, but not anymore. Before the month winds to a close we will be meeting with two tour groups, and a few friends that are making the last run for 2014. 
Fall is also one of our favorite times for exploring Route 66 and in exactly one week, at just about this time, we should be rolling east toward Albuquerque. The days final destination is Santa Rosa. That will be day one for our grand adventure of 2014. 
Most gear and equipment has been checked, packed, and stowed, the keeper of the estate (our son) is adequately supplied, and navigational equipment (the EZ 66 Guide, an atlas, and Garmin) are preset for speedy course checks. Suitcase packing is on the schedule for next weekend, and then it will be time to load the Jeep for odyssey.

A delightful blending of friends and work, with time for a movie shared with my dearest friend, consumed the weekend. Now it is time to resolve the last minute details and issues that seem to increase in the days before an adventure begins.
On Saturday, after answering a flurry of email that ranged from status updates on shipping of The Illustrated Route 66 Historical Atlas, the ongoing search for historic photos for the current book project, and our schedule of appearances on the forthcoming trip to questions about the conference being developed in Edwardsville (the city and event organizers are to meet at the end of October), we had a delightful breakfast shared with friends.
The rest of the day was spent with writing, cleaning up the blog, setting up a simple means for books to ordered through the blog, and trip preparation. Then, with a goal of having the rough draft for the current book complete before taking to the road, I started early on Sunday morning with an intent focus on that project before turning my attentions toward the needs of Barney the Wonder truck.
A call from John Springs with an invitation to lunch was perfect in its timing as I was quite ready for break. A lunch at Mr. D’z Route 66 Diner shared with John, Dale Butel, Paul, Daniel, and my dearest friend is always entertaining to say the very least.
I rounded out the day with more work on the book. Then, after supper, my dearest friend and I settled in for a movie, Saving Mr. Banks. What a refreshing treat! No special effects dominated epic, just a wonderful story built around the talents and skills of superb actors.
Now the focus narrows. With resolution of each issue and problem the list grows shorter. The, before the sun breaks in the east, we will set forth on another Route 66 odyssey.



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