We missed out on the big events in Tucumcari this past June. We missed out on the centennial celebration in Goffs yesterday. We missed out on most of the Route 66 International Festival. We won’t, however, miss out on Cuba Fest this coming weekend.
Aside from another opportunity to enjoy the music of the Road Crew at the beautiful Belmont Winery, and to visit with compatriots such as Bob Swengrosh, Croc Lile, Connie Echols, Joe Sonderman, Cheryl Eichar Jett,  and Rich Dinkela there is something quite special about this small town festival that hearkens to the classic scenes of Norman Rockwell prints. 
The primary concern that I have with attending is the fact that we become entranced with this charming community. One of these days we may find ourselves looking at homes that are for sale.  
We have one more day to go and then we bid adios to the homestead and the caretaker (our son), and take to the road. We have one more day for business cards, promotional posters for the new book, and the new book to arrive. So, needless to say, the eager anticipation is tinged with a hint of anxiety.
Last evening was the first opportunity we had to evaluate The Illustrated Route 66 Historical Atlas as we received one lowly copy late last week.
In my honest opinion, and I am often the harshest critic, I think the book will be a welcome addition to the Route 66 enthusiasts library. As originally conceived this material was to be incorporated into The Route 66 Encyclopedia. However, it soon became apparent that to do so would result in book that dwarfed the Los Angeles phone book. 
So, instead the decision was made to create a companion work. The problem that resulted was two fold. First, there was a bit of overlap with the encyclopedia. Second, editorial constraints again resulted in a battle to determine what material to include as I have enough on hand for a third volume. 
Do you know the Route 66 connection with this film?
As a teaser, in this volume you will discover the story of a meteorite strike on a garage in Benld, Illinois, the reign of terror instigated by Willie “Baby Face” Doody, the crime that put Goodwater, Arizona on the front pages of newspapers throughout the country, the history of often overlooked Schermerhorn Park near Galena, Kansas, the link between Springfield, Illinois and the film Snow White and the 3 Stooges, and the link between the Isleta Pueblo and Thomas Edison. 
Copies of this book will be available to order from the drop down menu in the right column soon. This and all books ordered will be signed and personalized upon request. 
Perusing the new book closed out a busy but productive weekend. There was a push to complete the rough draft for the book, and a quest to find material for illustrations, preparing the Jeep for the forthcoming adventure, a few family situations to resolve, and an alternate ending barbecue.
As to the latter, suffice to say the grilled onion and garlic buffalo burgers were broiled as well. Still, they were quite delicious if I do say so.
Like many of our adventures, the schedule calls for some long days on the road. Still, the worst day on Route 66 and the roads less traveled are better than days spent anywhere else.
As an example, day one calls for an ending in Santa Rosa. The plan is to end day two in El Dorado, Kansas.
One more to go, just one more day before the adventure begins, and it promises to be a very full one. If all goes as planned, this evening we will load a few cases of the new book, meet with Sam Murray of New Zealand based Gilligan’s Wild West Tours, and prepare camera gear. Then its a few hours of sleep … 
It looks as though we won’t be the only ones flocking east to Cuba Fest. Dean Kennedy is on the road. Likewise with Mike Ward. Who else can we expect to cross paths with as we motor east?   
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