Okay, here is a quick summary of the fall 2014 adventure. Photos and details will follow soon(working on a laptop and have a photo download issue to resolve).
Day one and two were a rushed affair as there was a need to put some miles under the wheels to keep to the schedule. With the day one destination being Santa Rosa we were forced to take I-40 with plans to follow Route 66 on the return trip.
Still, we made time for an enjoyable lunch at Joe and Aggies in Holbrook with David Heward. With positive reviews for The Illustrated Route 66 Historical Atlas (enter sigh of relief here)filtering in, the steadfast old Cherokee is becoming a rolling book store with a few copies of this and other titles selling at stops including Holbrook (enter second sigh of relief here).
We ended a long day on the road with a delightful dinner at Joseph’s in Santa Rosa shared with an old friend, Dean Kennedy. Day two kicked off on a great note; breakfast with Dean, a quick visit with the Mueller’s in Tucumcari, and a fruit smoothie at the excellent coffee shop at the Route 66 Motel. Then came U.S. 54 and a long drive across the vast empty plains of the northern Texas Panhandle, the Oklahoma Panhandle, and western Kansas with a break for a very good lunch at Marla’s in Guymon.
We wrapped up the day just east of Wichita. In the next post I will fill you on a great visit with Bob and Robin at the incredible Waters Edge Motel in Gravois Mills, and other highlights. 
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